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Touch Password ProtectionTM

Protect your computer, your data.
Safe your life!

This program is replacement of the default Password Security, you see on your main Start\Settings dialog.

We strongly recommend you to protect your mobile computer with password.
It is even much more important now, on the age of wireless connection to networks.

When it is installed, you don't see Password Security settings but the new Password Protection.

This program works in the same way, except that the password is the sequence of touches of the screen borders. Screen borders we mean the place (area) around the screen sized appr. 50 pixels. You have left and right border, top and bottom and four corners. You can set your sequence with at least four touches in any collection.

Remember the sequence of touches is easier then numbers or words, but still secure and hard to break. So, if you're tired about to type your PIN or password every time you turn on your computer - try this program.

When the sequence is set, you can activate or deactivate the protection any time. When the protection is activated, this screen will be on the top every time you turn the power on (or after the some specified period - see the below dialogs).

Right after you set the sequence you will see the message with the given ActiveSync Code. This code is used when you want to unlock the ActiveSync connection from your desktop computer (see the below dialogs).

As you see, this program do not only save your computer and allow you to unlock the device, but also displays your most important calendar items.

We believe this is very useful, because you don't need unlock the device if you want to quick look through your plans.

All items on the screen are organized in the following order (from the top):

  • current time, date and calendar in the month view, additionally there is zodiac sign and the number of day of the year
  • above the calendar view, there are battery and memory status bars (or message when the battery is charging)
  • in the Phone Edition device there are last phone call status, number and time, and the same for SMS received (if you have my software: MY|PHONE|PROFILE the status message displays the name of current profile)
  • Calendar items: all-day event (if exists), list of all or only the last expired appointments, list of today's appointments and the number of upcoming plans in the specified period
  • Task items: list of all or the last expired tasks, list of running tasks and the number of upcoming tasks in the specified period
  • both Calendar and Task lists are limited to the specified number of line for your convenience, if number of items is higher then the line limit, there is additional message gives you the number of hidden items
  • the last part of screen displays "protection" message with your (owner of the device) name, this message is visible only when the password is ready to enter - to do so: you can tap the screen on the center
  • To set the new sequence, tap the START button on the Settings dialog. Now you can touch the screen borders. When you decide to finish the sequence, press the STOP button. Now you have to re-enter the sequence again, to be absolutely sure you can do it and remember.

    If you did it correctly, the message informs you about sequence and ActiveSync Code. Remember this code for the future using. From this moment the checkbox: Prompt... is available and you can activate the protection.

    On this dialog and the following: Settings, you can set your options, styles, items to show, as you want.

    When you entered a recognized sequence, the Password Screen will hide and you will access your computer. In other way, when you or somebody try to get your data and touched the screen in the wrong sequence, the Password Screen will pulse with red background and some warning sound will play. To start again the sequence, tap the screen on the center on turn off and then on the power.

    Customization. You can change the background and the warning sound to your own files. Just replace password.jpg and/or password.wav files in the Windows folder.

    The Trial Version of this program works with no limits, but displays the red message on the top.

    Warning, please note. You HAVE to disable your previous password security before you install this program. It is very important. Go to your main Start\Settings Password dialog and uncheck the Prompt... option.

    Touch Password Protection is available for downloading and purchasing from the following servers:

    This program is compatibility with Todays Screen module: Touch ActivitiesTM.
    This module display all items with identical view as Touch Password Protection.

    This module I made as freeware. You can use this module with or without Touch Password Protection, because it runs independently.

    Touch Activities is available for downloading from the following servers:


    To access the Settings Dialog or quick change some options, you can tap-and-hold the stylus in any point of this module. Then you'll see a small menu.

    Additionally, this module offers you the possibility to preview all items, no matter how many lines you set as the maximum number to display. Just tap the screen on the list of appointments or tasks, and if there is limited number of lines, you will see all items in a few seconds and for a specified period. Then the limits of lines will back.

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