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A really must-have program
for all Windows Mobile phones, and Windows Phones


This is a simple small program,
who organizes, so called: delivery reports,
automatically, after the selected time.

If you use SMS message option: Request delivery notification,
what gives you a special SMS report message when your sent message was delivered,
you probably quick notice, you have to delete all these reports manually.
It will become soon quite hard, if you send many messages daily.

This program will manage all reports automatically.

It leaves delivery reports in Inbox for a while (your choice),
afterward it will erase every report completely,
or (in the Pro version) move it, to a special new folder in Inbox.

You set the time, when it will manage reports, after the last one you've got.
This time could be minutes, hours, or even some upcoming twilight.
Additionally, this program can announce the delivery notification with a special sound, at your will.
In this case, you needn't look on screen, and use the backlight on, because you hear the notification.
More options: it can disable default notification sounds, and decline "Message sent" notification.


This program works in any Windows Mobile phone device, both Professional, and Standard (Smartphones).
With any screen size, resolution, or orientation.


Installation files

This program is distributed as shareware.
You can use it for free within 7 days. All features run, no limits.
Then you should buy license and get the unlocking code. The registration code is generated per device id (IMEI).
Please open this program's settings dialog and read your device id.
After purchasing confirmed, email your device id to: info@jgui.net
Allow us for max. 3 working days, to reply with your code, usually it will take minutes or hours only.



Download the below Setup file and copy to your Windows Mobile phone, or Windows Phone,
then run this file to begin installation.
If you upgrade from some previous version, firstly please Remove Program the older version.
You have to make soft-reset of your device, after installation.



Purchasing license

You have to buy license, to get unlocking code.
You don't have to download or install something another setup file.

 the lowest price

Version 5.5. since February 11, 2010

  • fixes for the newest hardware, and screens
  • decline Today Screen notification while report

    Version 5.0. since November 16, 2009

  • multilanguages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian
  • multiplatforms: Windows Mobile Professional, Windows Phone, Windows Smartphone
  • multiscreens: portait, landscape, square, QVGA, VGA, WQVGA, WVGA

    Technical support: info@jgui.net


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