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You know it very well,
when you want to protect your privacy,
in Windows phones (prev. Windows Mobile phones):
  • you have to delete manually every phone connection in Call History,
  • and you have to delete manually every text message in Inbox and Sent folders,
    but in fact! unfortunately it moves to Delete Items folder only.
    So you have to do the next step: go to Inbox menu Tool, and select Empty Delete Items folder.

    This program:
    Security Center for Windows phones
    does these matters automatically for you:

  • delete all incoming and answered phone calls from History, immediately after your talking finished
  • delete all dialled phone calls from History, immediately after your talking finished
    (please note: you still have to delete manually all unanswered, missed calls,
    it has no sense to delete such calls automatically, because you're not warned in this case)

  • delete all received text messages, in short order, 30 seconds after you read
  • delete all created text messages, immediately after it's sent successfully
  • delete all received Delivery message reports, after some sound announced, with preselected delay
    (please note: you still have 30 seconds, to mark back the message as "unread",
    if you don't want to delete what you read already, because all unread messages will not delete)

    This program deletes all messages permanently - does not move to Deleted Items folder.


    Security Center for Windows phones does not display any special interface.
    You have to run this program only for options settings, in just a simple 3 steps.
    After pressing the Activate menu, it runs in background.
    Also, it self-activates after soft-reset.


    "So, you were drunk last night and you decided to call your ex-girlfriend ? Uh-oh, how long before your new girlfriend or wife finds out?
    After activating the Security Centre from JGUI you'll no longer need to worry. This app deletes your received and dialled calls from the call history
    after you've answered or made the call, plus it'll remove texts you've read and it'll deleted your sent texts too."
    - by coolsmartphone.com


    This program is shareware, it runs with no limits for 3 days.

    It is compatible with Windows Mobile phones, both Professional and Standard (called Smartphones),
    since system version 5.0., and with the newest Windows phones (since system version 6.5.).
    Because it has no interface (except the Settings dialogs) it runs on any screen sizes and orientations.
    English, French, and Germany languages are ready, and displayed automatically.

    Windows Mobile 6.0 Programs
    Windows Phones 6.5. Programs
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    Installation (trial version):

    PLease copy this setup file to mobile device, and run to install:


    License purchasing and registration:

    You have to write Registration Code which is generated to match your Device ID.
    After your purchasing, please open Registration dialog of this program, read Device ID digits,
    and email to: info@jgui.net We will reply you the code within max. 2 working days.

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