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You can remotely lock your missed phone, or even reset a whole content.

This is a kind of application, you run one time, and can forget.
Because then it's invisible and run in background in your phone, with no user action needs.

You can protect your Windows Phone remotely, by ordinary text messages.

If you missed your phone, or it's stolen, you can:

  • lock your phone from anybody use
  • localize your phone *)
  • hard-reset to the factory default settings, what deletes all your sensitivity data

    Unlike other similar programs, this program uses the default Setting Lock works, to protect your sensitive data.
    And you can force this default works remotely at any time, from any available other cellular phone.

    This is also better, because in this case, when someone moves out the SIM Card, your phone will lock itself.

    Right after installation, you have to set only 3 following steps,
    afterwards you needn't care more about this application. You can even delete its icon.

    This program runs on your phone completely hidden, in the background.
    It does not take any memory space or processor time, you will not notify that it exists.

    To remotely force the one of available action,
    you have to send to your phone an ordinary text message, from any available cellular phone,
    in the following formats:

    safe.my.XXXXXXX will lock your phone immediately
    safe.my.test.XXXXXXX will only display confirmation message (used for test purposes)
    safe.my.gps.XXXXXXX will lock your phone immediately, and start to get current location
    safe.my.reset.XXXXXXX will soft-reset your phone immediately
    safe.my.boot.XXXXXXX will hard-reset your phone to the factory default settings
    (the boot mode possibility may depend from some specified factory settings)

    where XXXXXXX is your special key, only messages include this special key (all characters are case-sensitivity)
    will force the action in your targeted phone. This protects your phone from some unnecessary action forced by anybody else.
    Naturally, every remote message will be invisible on the targeted phone, and not displayed on default Inbox.

    To remotely lock your targeted phone, you HAVE TO USE the default Settings Lock works.
    If you have not set the default Lock works, at the moment when you launch this program,
    it will move you to set the default Lock works, right after the above shown first dialog.

    Of course, this will force you to unlock your phone at the selected time, at least one time per 24 hours.
    You cannot omit this action, it's the base rule for your protection.

    Additionally, when the SIM Card will move out, or change, this program locks your phone too.


    Every time, your phone will reply to you a text message confirms what's happen.

    *) Localize your phone feature works only in models with GPS receiver built-in, and strongly depends from satellites visibility.
    We supplied a special GPS-enabled engine, what needs only several seconds to recognize current location.
    But, in some situations, you will may wait for reply message with location a long few minutes.

    This reply message is formatted to be ready to use in Google Mobile Maps, you can review where you phone is exactly.
    If you have installed this safe.my.windows.phone program in another phone, from whom you send the message to your targeted phone,
    when you will receive the reply with location, it will use location data automatically.
    This function runs with unregistered copy of this program, you needn't buy another (the second) license to use it.

    If you have installed Google Mobile Maps, it launches and show you the location.
    Otherwise, the web browser launches and show you the static map of location.

    external location shown on
    Google Mobile Maps
    external location shown on
    web browser (static image)


    This program works in any Windows Mobile 5.0 phone, or later operating system, with any screen size.

    Downloading the setup file.
    This safe.my.windows.phone program is shareware, intended for personal use, with a limit for one day.
    This means you can send the unlimited number of remote messages to your targeted phone for testing purposes
    for one day, afterward it will stop to react for such messages, with no prompt.

    (for installation from Desktop PC, connect Windows Mobile phone, and start to install)

    (for installation right in Windows Mobile phone
    you can open this web page in your mobile phone and start to download directly)

    After installation finished, you HAVE TO SOFT-RESET your phone.


    Purchasing the license.
    You can buy license and unlocking code, in one of the below services.
    After you bought the license, email to info@jgui.net your card code, you see on the 3rd step dialog.
    We will generate the unlocking code and reply within 3 working days.
    Run this program, and write the code. Afterward you can delete program's shortcut icon.

    the lowest price
    Technical support and problem solutions: info@jgui.net

    A special corporate version, with unlimited number of licenses, is available on request, please email.


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    JGUI names, logos, images are copyrighted and reserved for JGUI.
    Windows Mobile, Windows Phone are copyrighted for Microsoft Corp.