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JGUI pocket pc phone & smartphone software
This sections contains our Pocket PC Phone Edition software offer. We develop and provide applications that interact with user and try to understand their needs. We would like to give users most useful, intuitive program interfaces.



Preview your last Phone Calls, SMS and email messages
on the Today Screen.

Preview the last one, 3, 5 or 10 messages with time of delivery, sender name or addresse and subject text.

Quick reply SMS message with one of pre-defined text.

Show\hide up to 5 your email accounts.



Phone ProfilesTM

Organize your most of phone features in useful profiles.
One touch of screen changes all settings at once:

  • phone ring sound
  • Incoming Call balloon message
  • vibrations
  • LED flashing
  • phone band (flight mode)
  • volume of ring and sound announces
  • volume of talking
  • Caller's photo and ring customize





    Talk with friend(s) in the chat style
    just by SMS exchanging.

    Instant SMS sending and receiving.

    Quick pre-defined text and emoticons.

    Messages are not saved into Inbox folder.

    Available for both
    Pocket PC Phone Edition and Smartphone,
    and exchange messages between these devices.

    EXSMS Adv. (Advanced) version allows you to encrypt your mesages.





    Preview your last Phone Call and SMS Message details on the Today Screen.




    NetPhone Logo

    Change your cellular network name
    to the network logo image.




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