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Control your Windows Mobile® Phone Edition just better.
Version 8.0. Second Edition.

This program is distributed in the following versions:

    All features works, you can freely use 7 days.
    Then you will be able to use only the Default Phone Profile.

  • FULL VERSION (Phone Profiles Seriously)
    All features works with no limits.
    If you use the previous version, first you should uninstall it
    (read the below instruction).
    To unlock the Trial Version to the Full Version,
    you have to write the password in the About Settings Dialog.
    All your settings are saved.


  • any Pocket PC with phone features (so called: Phone Edition device)
  • operating systems: Pocket PC® 2002 or Windows Mobile® 2003
  • ready for Windows Mobile® Second Edition
  • free main memory space: at least 900kB
  • free memory (main or card) for icons, themes, rings, sounds 500-2.000kB

    Purchase and download this version from the following on-line services:

    lower price $,,EU
    secure int'l order
    password by email

    You are entitled to free update to all next versions in the future.


  • you can run the Setup file PHONEPROFILES...exe from desktop computer
  • you can run the installation PHONEPROFILES...cab file directly in your mobile computers
  • this program paste all files into Windows directory and icons, sounds, skins into Windows\Profiles\ folder
  • to save your main memory, you can move files from Windows\Profiles\Skin folder to your card memory
  • you can keep all rings, sounds, themes in any directory, use this program Settings to select the folder

    Please understand: this program intergrates with system features,
    Caller's ID, rings or SMS features can interact with another programs you use,
    and can generate conflicts in some cases.
    If you get these problems, just do no not use these features/functions in all Phone Profiles.
    The Settings Dialogs allow you to uncheck every feature for each Phone Profile.
    Please read descriptions on another pages.


    Instruction to uninstall this program (or trial or previous versions):

  • hide the taskbar or traybar feature of this program
  • open Start\Settings\Today\Item Dialog and uncheck Phone Profiles on the list
  • make the soft-reset (you can use the pop-up menu of PhoneProfiles)
  • open Start\Settings\Remove Programs Dialog and uninstall this program
  • (alternatively, go to Windows directory , find phoneprofiles.dll file and rename the extention)
  • some systems lock the font files to be uninstalled,
    if you get this message, rename the extention from .ttf to anything and make the soft-reset (no necessary when updating)


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