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Control your Windows Mobile® Phone Edition just better.
Version 8.0. Second Edition.

All settings dialogs are designed to be use conveniently with any screen orientation.
See these examples:


On most dialogs, you see and set options for one of Phone Profiles at one time. Take your attention to radio buttons on the top of dialog (buttons with Phone Profile names), to be sure which Phone Profile is selected. This means, options for this Phone Profile are currently displayed and set.


Program Dialog

  • change the name of Phone Profile: tap the name and type the new one or edit
  • activate/deactivate additional 4 and 5 Phone Profiles
  • restore the default values for the selected Phone Profiles or for all Profiles (the message will ask you)



    Actions Dialog

  • on/off the specified action when the Phone Profile changes
  • only one of Profiles can be set for particular action
  • Sound: play announce
  • Status: display balloon message with settings review
    for 10 sec. (or until you'll tap this message)
  • Power Off: turn the power off after the Profile changed successful

    Please note: be sure you understand what you set. Some features interact with others and can generate conflict or unusual activity. For example: if you set one Phone Profile to be change when you connect the external power and also to turn the power off, your computer will turn off when you will put it to the cradle pad or connect external power, every time.



    Today Screen 1 Dialog

    available styles:

  • nothing on Today Screen (use the traybar icons)
  • one line text with the default style icon
    in this style you can change profile in a sequence next or previous, or tap-and-hold the stylus to see the menu)
  • one line without icon
  • one line with preview of settings status
  • small icons in one row
  • large icons
  • large icons from external file
    You see all your .png or .bmp files from the folder Windows\Profiles\ listed here.
    The size of icons are recognized from the external image, max. width is 48/64 pixels, max. height is unlimited. You can keep and use as many icons files as you wish. Paste all your files into the directory Windows\Profiles\ The color 255.0.255 is transparent. We suggest to use 256 colors images.

    Display names below icons (only for large icons style) displays Phone Profiles names.

    Keep on the bottom of screen will place your icons on the bottom of the screen. Please note: this is calculated automatically from the rest of free space below all your Todays Screen items, you use currently.



    Today Screen 2 Dialog

    available styles of indicator
    of the current selected Phone Profile:

  • red check-mark over the icon
  • red oval over the icon
  • border around the icon
  • color background behind the icon
    (the color of Today Screen fonts)
  • icon's image replaced by the image from external file
    (please read descriptions of skinning)

    you can turn on/off or set the time: how long the time buttons will be displayed on the top when you touch the new icon



    Taskbar Dialog

    available styles:

  • nothing (do not use this feature)
  • Start Icons replaced by the Windows XP icon
  • Start Icons replaced by the Windows Longhorn icon
  • Start Icons replaced by the Windows WhiteLogo icon
  • Start Icons replaced by the Phone Profiles icon
  • Start Icons replaced by the external image
  • No icons: only the name of Phone Profile
    In this style you can tap-and-hold the name to access this program menu, single tap shows the system Start menu.

    Available soft-reset function shows on the menu this possibility.



    Phone Dialog

    available Display styles:

  • no message
  • normal bubble message
  • normal message with Caller's ID photo
  • fullscreen message (replaces the bubble message)
  • fullscreen message with Caller's ID photo

    Please note: individual Caller's ID photo and sound works together when image and sound files named as the Caller's number are found. You can keep your files in any folder you define in the below dialog. Please be sure you name your files exactly as the Caller's number you see on the default system Phone Dialog. Read descriptions about skinning.

    available Ring styles:

  • none
  • once only
  • std. increasing (repeat every 3sec.)
  • perm. increasing (repeat continuously)
  • std. normal (repeat every 3sec.
  • perm. normal (repeat continuously)
  • after the vibration
  • uncertain (no changes)

    available Vibrate styles:

  • never
  • standard/normal
  • longer (around 5sec.)
  • pulse longer
  • longest (around 15sec)
  • pulse longest

    available Light (LED Flash) styles:

  • never
  • 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 minutes

    available Reaction styles:

  • nothing
  • show Today Screen
  • show Calendar
  • auto-answer after 3 rings
  • auto-answer and show Today Screen
  • auto-answer and show Calendar

    Please note: use this feature careful. You may not hear when somebody start listen you. If you forgot that you set the auto-answer.

    If you use longer sound or vibration, to break the playing, you have to touch any Phone Profiles items on the screen.



    Ring Dialog

    Select which sound file you want to use as your Incoming Call ring. You can use any .wav or .wma file saved on any folder. Even on memory card.



    Talking Dialog

    Additional actions after the Phone Call finished:

  • Display Today Screen
  • Display time summarize: a short message shows number and duration time, this message will hide after 10sec. or when you tap the screen of message
  • Turn the power off



    SMS Dialog

    available Display styles:

  • no message
  • normal bubble message
  • fullscreen message

    available Sound styles:

  • none
  • standard/normal
  • pulse (break every sec.)
  • longer (around 15 sec.)
  • longer pulse (around 30 sec.)
  • uncertain (no changes)

    available Vibrate styles:

  • never
  • normal
  • longer (around 10sec.)
  • pulse longer
  • longest (around 30sec)
  • pulse longest

    available Light (LED Flash) styles:

  • never
  • 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 minutes

    available Reaction styles:

  • nothing
  • Auto-Reply
  • Auto-Reply with the text begun from "Answer:"



    SMS Reply Dialog

    Write the text you want to use with Auto-Reply feature. Max. 100 characters. Write the SPACE if you want to leave empty message. This control is enabled only if you set Auto-Reply for the selected Phone Profile in the previous dialog.

    Select the number format recognized by your cellular network. If the format is incorrect, you will see the pop-up message that the reply was not sent.



    Email, MSN Messenger, VoiceMail Dialogs

    All styles as descriptions above.

    Additional: Sound uncertain style allows you to left this settings from the system settings. Your sound will not change even when you change Phone Profiles.



    ID Skins Dialog

    Select the folder where you want to keep all your skin files, Caller's ID photos and sounds. The default is Windows\Profiles\Skins.

    Additionally you can keep here two special files: "unknown number.jpg" and "no photo.jpg" to use when Caller's number is not recognized or you have no Caller's photo.

    Skin to use with fullscreen message lists all .skn files found on the above selected folder.



    About (and Registration) Dialog

    When you run the Trial Version, the special control to write the password is visibled.



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