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Control your Windows Mobile® Phone Edition just better.
Version 8.0. Second Edition.

You can control the most of phone features in just
the one touching of your mobile computer's screen.

Change rings, sounds, messages, vibrations, volume of ring and talking, at one moment.

Add new functions: SMS auto-reply, Caller photo ID,
Caller individual ring, auto power shut down, display off.

Change and use your own icons and interface style, the Incoming Call message in the full screen size..

Keep and use unlimited number of sounds as your phone rings, on the memory card.

Organize your 3, 4 or 5 independent Phone Profiles.
You can name each Phone Profile as you wish.

Plus: known fixes of operating systems PPC2002® PE
and Windows Mobile®.



This program works ONLY with the equipment designed or marked as: ...Phone Edition. This means, your device has to have the built-in cellular phone features. This version (named as Second Edition) is specially created to the using the best of the new Windows Mobile® Second Edition operating system. It runs well in Portrait, Landscape or Square screen orientations.

Depend from the version of the operating system, manufacture of the equipment or cellular telecom service,
not all features can work in every mobile computer. Please test the Trial Version with your device.

Please compare differences between available screen orientations
(screenshots were scaled down a little, on the next pages you can see a full scales):

On the above Today Screens examples, you see four large icons. Each icon represents Phone Profile. Currently selected Phone Profile is indicated by the special mark. To change the Phone Profile, you just have to touch one of icons. In this moment all defined features (rings, sounds, messages) changes at once. You can organize, for example one Phone Profile as the Loudest (with maximum volumes, longer sounds and vibrations). To use it when you're driving or shopping. And another Phone Profile as the Quietest (without sounds at all). To save your neighbours when you're in the cinema. Or whatever you're thinking about.

To speak the true: you get 3 programs at one package.
Because you can manage Phone Profiles by the one of 3 ways:

  • the Today Screen item,
  • the Start Icon replacement (on the taskbar) or
  • the traybar icon (icon on the bottom of the screen).

    General features:

  • you decide how many Phone Profiles you wish to use: 3, 4 or 5
  • you can name each Phone Profile as you like
  • Phone Profiles change back to the default, even when your device has the power turned off
  • selected Phone Profile self-activate, when you connect the external power (cradle or car-kit)
  • various styles of icons and selection marks, also from the external file - you can use your own images
  • convenient balloon style message to quick overview or check all settings at once
  • you change the Phone Profile permanently or
  • you can change the Phone Profile only for the specified (pre-defined or selected) time only,
    this feature is available only in the Today Screen item

    Some Phone features:

  • turn off the power automatically after the Call finished
  • display caller photo and play individual caller sound (recognized by the number)
  • replace the default pop-up balloon message with the fullscreen skinable message
  • display Today Screen or your Calendar when you start talking

    Some SMS features:

  • longer sounds: multiplied sound announces
  • pulse vibrations style and longer time up to 30 seconds
  • auto-reply (answer) to the sender of message with text you defined


    Some built-in fixes of the operating system:

  • turn on the screen backlight, when the new SMS arrives (and Phone Profile has selected any display message)
  • completely turn the power off and screen backlight off, when Phone Profile has no selected any sound, display and reaction
  • increase the event checking power time to 120 sec. (prevent the outlook alerts to be missed/declined)
  • automatically turn the power down, after the Phone Call finished (or canceled)


    More information and screenshots:
  • using and available styles
  • all settings dialogs
  • skinning your own icons and styles
  • downloading and purchasing

  • check the MY|PHONE PROFILES Lite Version
    (if you have problems with your specified device,
    this version gives less feature for less money,
    but still you can use your own icons and sounds)


    Phone Profile: Quieter

  • default theme: Pocket PC
  • default message with Caller's ID photo
  • no ring sounds, only vibrations

    Phone Profile: Loudest

  • theme: The Matrix
  • special skinable icons
  • special ring sound, max. volume

    Phone Profile: Off

  • theme: Pink Floyd, landscape screen
  • transparent icons
  • no rings, no messages

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