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This is picture of Pocket PC screen after pressing the power button.

Touch the screen to see the standard Today Screen and start using your Pocket PC.

Time is displayed with font size adjusted to 40 with ClearTypeTM technology turned on (in the Options window).  

Owner Information is displayed with font size 20.

The selected background is Windows Colors.

See detailed description below.


To start the program:

Open Start Menu and select MY|STARTUPTM
You will see a default fullscreen image and hear a default sound.
Then, touch the screen anywhere. You will see your Today Screen with a new icon on the bottom. Follow the description below.


Icon on traybar:

Image of MY|STARTUPTM icon indicates the status of the program.

indicates that MY|STARTUPTM is running and waiting for the next power up
indicates that MY|STARTUPTM is in Suspend mode



Tapping the icon it will display the program menu.

  • Image & Sound allows you to select a skin
  • Test shows a preview of the activity with no need to turn the power off and on again
  • Security! displays the Security dialog box (only in PRO version)
  • Options displays the Options dialog box
  • Help displays some brief descriptions
  • About displays the About dialog box
  • PowerOff 15sec. does power off after 15 seconds if you do not touch the screen
  • Suspend holds the application to do nothing even when the power up (see the above icon)
  • Exit quits the program

    Image & Sound dialog:

  • Select skin shows list of all available images (skins); you select any image and sound will be selected automatically comparing to the name of selected image
  • Random selection activates random selection from available images; if it is checked the above list is unavailable, because application will random select image

    Options dialog:

  • Display image allows you to decide if the startup image should be displayed
  • Play sound allows you to decide if the startup (welcome) sound should be played
  • Use randomized sounds if available randomizes the sound used on startup, but still corresponded to selected image
  • Stop playing when the screen is touched when selected the sound will cease after the screen is touched; when unselected you still can break the playing but only by tapping the program's icon
  • Display Time and Date allows you to display this information on the program screen, and you can choose font size for this item
  • Display Owner Names allows you to display the name of the device owner on the program screen, and you can choose font size also for this item
  • Use ClearTypeTM for the above items enables this on the program screen
  • Run MY|STARTUPTM after soft reset makes the application run automatically after a soft reset of the device

    Help dialog:



    About dialog:



    Special features and tips:

  •  on PPC devices running PPC2002 operating system or above, Time and Owner Information can be displayed with ClearTypeTM technology; this makes fonts smooth and thus more legible

  •  when the option to run the program after soft-reset is set, the application will run but sometimes it will be "covered" for seconds with your other starting in this moment installed software pop-ups; this same can happen if you turn the power up by pressing any hardware button which will lunch other application

  • random selection of sounds works only if you have more than one sound with a name similiar to the name of the selected image; for example: if you select image named windows.jpg and you have sound files windows1.wav windows2.wav windowssomething.wav etc., the application will look for all available sound files with "windows" in the beginning of name and then randomly choose one of them to play

  • images can be saved in any resolution because the application will automatically rescale it to PPC fullscreen mode; it is however recommended to have images with accurate resolution as 240x320 or 320x240 pixels for best effect

  • to save memory of your device or storage card, your images should be saved using 256 colors only and .jpg compressed; sounds should be mono only, 16khz 21kbps

  • although the application can be installed on storage card, you should remember that removal of your storage card when the application is running may make the device unstable


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    The PRO VERSION allows you to protect your device and data. MY|STARTUP PRO image covers your screen unil you enter the correct code.

    Your code is a sequence of screen taps.

    You can personalize the sequence. Take a look at the screenshot - MY|STARTUP PRO screen is divided into cells. You can use the cells in any order as your code. You can change the number of cells.

    The PRO VERSION allows you to set the size and number of cells, hide it or show in different styles.

    If you turn the power on and then enter your code correctly, the MY|STARTUP PRO image will hide.

    If you enter an incorrect code, your device will turn off or even... delete all your data stored in the device memory.

    Icon on traybar:

    After you select menu Security! and enter your new code,
    the program icon changes to a special image and the 'Security!' option
    in the menu is checked.


    Security! dialog:

  • Grid style: allows you to change the indicators of cells borders: nothing, dots, crosses, dashed lines, solid lines, shadowed lines
  • Grid Raster: allows you to change the size of cells and their number
  • Display grid only in last change hides grid and displays it only for the 3rd try please use it only when you are experienced with Security!; to practice you can enter a code imagining there is no grid please use it only when you can work with Security! correctly, practice you can enter code with imagination you don't see grid
  • Power of when code is invalid turns the power off if the entered code is invalid
  • Erase all if last change is unsuccessful deletes all data in the memory after you enter the code unsuccessfuly for the third time,
    this is extremely danger feature*), because it can delete all the data in your device's memory without using any hardware buttons; imagine that somebody not experienced with Security! tries to access your data without the correct code and it erases all your data; if you make backup copy of your data regularly you can use this feature in safely; we really recommend you to use MY|STARTUP PRO several days before you decide to turn this feature on
  • Number of touches in code allows you to set how many screen taps you want as your code; if set to 0 (zero) all security features are disabled

    Note: After you tap the Save button, you will go to the Enter Code mode. Now you have to touch your screen in a sequence you want to be your code; erform as many taps as long you have decided your code sequence to be.

    There are two kinds of indicators of a touched cell. The first indicates simply a cell in your code, the second indicates the last one. After a second the application will check if the code you have entered is correct or to save your new code.

    Having entered a new code, this message informs you and gives you a chance to save it or cancel. If you save it, MY|STARTUP PRO is runs with all Security! features. From now, when you turn the power on (or use Test menu) you must enter the code to hide image and unlock your device.

    To deactivate the secure mode, select Security! from the menu and select 0 as the number of touches.


    *) Why we decided to build in "Delete all..." feature?

  • We believe that in some situations it is better to lose all the data than to allow it to be accessed by somebody we don't want or we don't know. And, in the present world, that kind of situations happen more often than we need.


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