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Want to amaze your friends?
Need some more interaction?
Multimedia on startup?

Just use MY|STARTUPTM and... voila!

MY|STARTUPTM allows you to spice up your Pocket PC or SmartPhone
performance every time you turn the power on.


MY|STARTUPTM features:

Every time after you turn the power on...

  • MY|STARTUPTM displays a fullscreen image
  • MY|STARTUPTM plays a welcome sound 
  • MY|STARTUPTM shows your name, current date and time 


  • when you touch the screen, the image will hide and sound will stop playing


    But it's not all:

  • you can keep as many images and sounds (skins) as you wish 
  • you can select any image or sound to use 
  • you can choose a randomized selection from available images 
  • you can choose font size to display time and your name 

    Still not enough?

  • you get four pre-installed skins:
    Default MS Mobile, Windows Colors, Windows Bliss, Merry Christmas  
  • you can download more free skins incl. images and sounds 
  • you can easily create and use your own images and sounds 

    gives you a new, easier and saver way to protect access to your data (available soon)



  • Pocket PC (MIPS, SH3, ARM)
  • SmartPhone2002 (available soon)
  • 100kB of free main memory or storage card
  • additional space for more images and sounds


    Right now:

  • see more screens and descriptions  
  • download TRIAL version or additional free skins  
  • purchase and download fully featured versions 

    Christmas Competition

    Create a MY|STARTUPTM Christmas theme and
    win one of the 5 MY|STARTUPTM PRO licences ($25 each).

  • The theme must consist of at least one picture and sound.
  • Themes will be copyrighted.
  • Every user od MY|STARTUP (even the Trial version) is invited to take a part in the competition.
  • Email your files (or zipped) to info@jgui.net with Subject: MY|STARTUP COMPETITION.
  • Competition will close on December 31st 2002.
  • Winners will be informed by email before January 5th 2003.

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