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This program uploads every picture,
you just shot by your camera,
to the Internet server.

Completely automatically.
You just shot pictures, nothing more to do.

It uploads picture to your FTP Server.
Together with picture it uploads text message with date and time of picture, cellular network Tower ID and (if you have GPS Rx connected) geographic location.

Additionally you can write a short personal message.


How it works?

You launch this program one time.
It exists in memory all the time, doesn't matter what you do with your mobile device. A small icons confirms that this program runs on Today Screen bottom bar.

Now, you can shot new picture. Launch your Camera application. Shot the picture you want.



After a few seconds, this program displays a popup message, informs you about date, time, network Tower ID, (geographical location - if available).

You can wrtie your message right now, or just decide if you want to upload this picture. Tap UPLOAD button.

-> You can disable this message in Settings dialog.
In this case you will not be able to write personal text, and the program will update every picture immediatelly and automatically.
With no your manual activity requested.



When the uploading finished with success, the program displays a special confirmation message (see the above screenshots).

-> You can disable this message in Settings dialog.
In this case you will not be informed when the uploading finish.
The time of loading depends form various conditions, your connection broadband, your pciture size and resolution, etc.



You should set your Camera options:

  • dont's review after capture
  • keep backlight on
  • picture size not too big: it defines the time of uploading
  • picture folder: main device memory


  • Display send request message
    when checked: the program displays message before uploading

  • Display confirmmation message
    when checked: the program displays message after successful uploading

  • Check and send Cellular Network ID
    when checked: the program recognizes cellid and adds to the message

  • Check and send GPS position
    when checked: the program receives GPS Rx data and adds to the message

  • Activate after soft-reset
    when checked: the program will launch after device's soft-reset


  • Destination FTP Server name
    write a full patch to your server folder, where you wnat to upload files
    without "ftp://" on the beginning and with "/" on the end if there is subfolder you want to target

  • Login
    write the user name and access password - if requested

  • replace the last
    picture and text will upload with the static name always
    every new files will overwrite the previous

  • add the new
    picture and text will upload with the new name, the name will incl. date and time
    every new files will add to the destination folder


  • GPS Rx port
    select where you get GPS Receiver data

  • GPS Rx speed
    select the speed of data

  • Check GPS Rx data

  • manually: GPS Rx will connect manually on popup message
    auto: GPS Rx will connect with popup message every time
    continuous: GPS Rx run all the time, when the program started



    The Trial Version is free for 7 days,
    limited to 3 photos per session.


  • Windows Mobile 2003 SE Phone Edition device
  • built-in photo camera
  • 80kB of free memory

    This version was tested with XDA MINI, MDA COMPACT, I-Mate JAM and this kind of devices (should work with HW6500, but we didn't tested this hardware yet).

    GPS location feature depends from your device and GPR Receiver.

    Cellular Network ID depends from your network type and service.

    We cannot guarantee that this program will work wirh every hardware configuration and cellular network. Report your problems by email: info@jgui.net and we will try to fix.

    Please try, before you decide to pay.


    To download and/or purchase the password:
    (no Desktop PC setup, download MYBLOG.cab file, copy to your mobile device and run one-time installation)

    the lowest price


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