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This software allows you
to have and use more than
one Today Screen of Pocket PC.

Default Today Screen?! Forget!

Now you can have 2, 3...
even 7 Today Screens
with tens... or more items (modules) organized independently!

MoreTodays! increases the default Today Screen to more than one, independent screens, we called Desktops. Each Desktop displays so called Today's Items, as on the usually default one, you know well. And now you can keep many items, even tens. You can organize your items to be use in any of that desktop and in any order.

MoreTodays! displays a small icon on the top of every Desktop. This icon indicates which desktop is displayed currently. And you can change the desktop, just by the touching this icon. It replaces the desktop in the loop: from 1 to the last and again to the 1. Another way, you can change the desktop by the using of Arrows hardware buttons: left/right or up/down.


(see the preview picture below)

The program's icon indicates the number of desktop and allows you to change the desktop: just touch the icon.

You can use one of 3 pre-configured icon's style, or you can make and use your own. To do that: see what is inside the icons.bmp file in the program's folder. This image gives a feature of the customized icon. Make a new one and replace with this file to start to use you own icons.

This icon can show the number of current desktop, but it does not need. You can use icon which shows common pictures indicate the purpose of desktop.
For example: Personal, Business, System, Private, and then you can organize (group) your items.

The following examples are freeware: download and replace the file on your Pocket PC (the first one it is a default installed with the program, two last icons on each image, they are reserved for the future needs)

If you'll make a new icons, please share with people. We will add your image on the above list.

You organize all items (previously downloaded and installed as usually) independently for each Desktop. You can set up any item(s) to show on any desktop and in any order.

This program do not install any new items, it only allows you to use and organize all your items in bigger number. You can, for example, keep one of desktops without any items to just see your beautiful Today's background.

To access the menu, tap-and-hold the icon of this program, just a moment longer. "Settings for..." will display a dialog to organize items of the current displayed desktop. Change the order of items: highlight specified item and use buttons UP or DOWN to move to the new position on the list. Then mark all items you wish to show on this desktop. You can mark specified item, more than on the one desktop, so it will be visible on a few of your desktops.

Each desktop you can mark to use as the startup. This means that this marked desktio will be activate next time you wull run the program or after you will make soft-reset. Additionally you can change the desktop to this one marked, immediatelly after you pressed the Action hardware button.

This programs works independently from any other software organizes Pocket PC themes or desktop background images.

The TRIAL VERSION allows you to use this program 5 days without limits. After this time it will allow you to use only the first desktop.

You have to buy, download and install a new Setup File to start to use a fully-features unlimited version.

MoreTodays!TM Version 4.0.
(realized: 10 May 2003)

List of features in this version:

  • unlimited number of Today Items (Today plug-in modules)
  • unlimited arranges of each item on any desktop
  • selected number of desktop, from 2 up to 7
  • changing desktops by the touching of icon, in sequence loop
  • changing desktops directly from the program's menu
  • changing desktops byt the pressing the hardware Arrows buttons
  • 3 pre-defined icon styles
  • additional customized icon allowed
  • selected position of icon: beside the New menu or on the top-right corner of the screen
  • force to show specified desktop on the startup, or when Action button was pressed
  • works from main memory or Storage Card (not recommended)
  • requirements: any Pocket PC, any processor, 35kB of free space

    Latest version is available for downloading
    from the following on-line services:

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