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Detailed descriptions.

To see the program's menu,
just tap the icon on the right-bottom corner of your default Pocket PC Today screen.
This menu allows you to change the program's options or mode, start and run simulation, read Help.

When you select Pause from the menu, you will be asked if you want to set Pause only one time or permanently. An one time means that the program will not run or lock next time the power will on, a permanently means that the program will not run until you uncheck Pause from the menu.

The program's icon indicates
(as you see from the left picture):

  • normal mode, the locking code is set up
  • pause mode only one next time
  • pause mode permanently or no code is set
  • alert mode, the wake up time is set and counting



    Program Options Dialog

    Self-minimize if the code is correct
    it will hide the program immediately in the moment you pressed sequence correctly, otherwise you need to touch the screen or press "down" button to hide the program

    Turn the power off if it's invalid
    it will turn the power off in the moment you or somebody pressed an invalid sequence, it will become after the final message, touch the screen will turn off immediately

    Re-start after soft-reset
    it will start the program after soft-reset was made - please use this option very carefully, only if you are sure you can unlock your access conveniently, tested several times

    Play sound announces
    if checked, additional sound messages play when you unlock the access or hide the program, that sounds are random selected within seven availabled and you can easy change it to the originals from the movie

    [NEW HITS SEQUENCE] button
    starts the process of the new unlocking sequence set up (as it was explained on the previous page)


    Animation Dialog.

    Show the "Wake up..." always
    if checked, all text message will begin again every time you press the "up" hardware button (if you use the locking sequence, firstly you have to press your sequence correctly of course)

    Show fonts in green color
    if checked, all text messages are displayed with green color of fonts

    Show rabbit icon under the text
    if checked, a rabbit icon is displayed (in the movie it was not displayed on the computer's screen but in another place, so we decided to add this option for your convenience)

    Play tap sounds with text
    if checked, all text messages are displayed with sound simulation of tapping

    Show all the above continuously
    if checked, all text messages and animation plays continuously

    Select sound theme: 1, 2, 3, none
    it allows you to select "if" and what additional sounds play from the end of text message, if you select this option the first touch of the screen will only stop the sound and the next one touch will hide the program normally, the program has built-in 3 packs of sounds, each of them are saved in sub-folders named sounds1... you can change sound files to any other you want

    "Easy mode" show the number of hits
    to unlock (not recommended)

    it will show in the text message how many hits your sequence has, if you afraid you forget the number, please use it, although we do not recommend this options, because it give to some potential intruder more information


    Wakey! Dialog

    Set the time to wake up
    set the time in hours and minutes when you want to wake up or be alert, if you set up the time earlier than current time, it will inform you that the wake up will be tomorrow

    Play alert sound continuously until you touch the screen
    it will play the sound alert continuously until you touch the screen or unlock the access

    Play alert sound with maximum volume after 15 seconds
    it will maximize the sound volume of Pocket PC device after 15 seconds from the beginning of wake up alert

    Select the sound to use
    the list shows all available sounds file found in the program's folder and your basic My Documents folder, if you want, you can paste them any other sound file and it will be visible next time you open this dialog

    [SAVE] button
    it saves your options, then you will see the menu Wakey! checked, if you want to delete this options (delete alert time) just tap the menu Wakey! one time, the program's icon also indicates: if any wakeup time is set (the icon with small clock)


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to delete the hits sequence or not to use it more?
    If you want to not use the locking mode only next time you will turn the power on: select Pause from the program's menu.
    If you want to use the program all the time without the locking mode (but you previously set the hits sequence): select Program Options, tap NEW HITS SEQUENCE button and just touch the screen two times - it will set the sequence to zero hits.
    Now, check if the program's icon indicates this mode.

    How to change sounds file?
    All sound files are saved in the program's folder. It should be Program FIles\JGUI\LOCKTHEMATRIX folder or something other if you changed the location under installation.

    This is a list of default sound files:

  • codeok.wav - plays when you set a new sequence correctly
  • codeno.wav - plays when you did not set a new sequence fine
  • ring.wav - plays when first lines of text message is displayed
  • tap.wav - plays when next lines of text messages are displayed
  • welcome1.wav...welcome7.wav - random selected and plays when you unlock the access or hide the program's screen: that are the movie sounds, you can replace with original. "Welcome to the real world" should be the welcome1.wav file always.

    Three sound theme packs are saved under sub-folders named sounds1, sounds2, sounds3. Each folder has 2 files:

  • animbegin.wav - plays after text messages was displayed and only one time
  • animrun.wav - plays continuously (loops) after the above sound was finished, until you touch the screen on unlock the access
    You have to make that two files compatible to get nice effect. Just copy that files to your desktop and see under sound editor, what's inside. Make the second sound as short as it 's possible.

    How to start all animations without to hide the program's screen?
    Check "Show the text messages always" option. If you are not using the locking code, just press the "up" button. If you are in the lock mode, firstly you have to press your hits sequence and then additional time "up" button.

    How to see animations continuously but without sounds theme is played?
    Select sound theme: none. But, if you want to hear the sound theme in the beginning, select one of the theme and then you can break sounds at any time by touching the screen once. Now, to hide the program's screen completely, touch the screen again or press "down" button.

    How to use only one sound every time the program unlocks the access?
    Copy and paste the selected sound file as welcome1.wav ...2, 3 ,4 ,5, 6 and welcome7.wav Because all that files are random selected in the moment the program unlocks the access.


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    Copyright ©1995- JGUI. All rights reserved.

    This program has no intention to infringe on the rights of Warner Brothers Studios and Village Roadshow Pictures, who are the intellectual property holders of "The Matrix" and hold copyright over the movie, characters, merchandises, storyline. The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolution names, logos, pictures are registered and copyrighted by the above owners.
    Please visit official Home Pages: whatisthematrix.warnerbros.com www.villageroadshowpictures.com

    This program does not use any original images or sounds from the movie(s) but only simulate that. This program, name and source code is protected by copyright law and international treaties. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this program, or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties. JGUI names, logos, pictures are trademarks.