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a tribute to the famous movie.


This program displays an animated screen which simulates the one you experienced in the cinema.

Different characters are scrolling down very fast over the screen. It's amazing, how fast it is, even across the Pocket PC small screen.

It types on-screen all like-original messages personalized with your name.

From the "Call trans opt." up to the "Knock, knock..."

It plays many speeches that you have hear in the cinema.

Include this: "Welcome, to the real world."


It allows you to protect your data by locking the access to your Pocket PC.

And: it can be used as an exciting replacement of your daily wake up clock.


Please be careful. This animated screen can quite hypnotize. People like to watch it for hours. By installing and using this program, you agree to use it on your own risk.

"The Matrix has you."

This program is not an official merchandise of the movie and has no connections with it. Please read the following copyright notes below.


After successful installation, you start this program from your default Pocket PC Start menu. In the beginning, you see text messages follow line by line, and the simulation starts on the background very soon.

(It is not possible to show here this simulation and its screens, but please take a look of just a few examples.)

Now you can hide this program's screen just by the touching of the Pocket PC screen.

To start the simulation again, please use a small icon on the bottom of your pocket PC Today screen and select Run from the menu, or...
just turn the power off and on again. This program starts to show the simulation, every time the power is going on
(but if you feel uncomfortable with this action, you have an options to pause this program: see detailed descriptions).



This program can lock the access to your Pocket PC, every time you turn the power on, but only if you set your code. The code to unclock the access is a sequence of hardware buttons you must press (hit).

You can use as many hits of buttons as you wish. You can use buttons: up, down, left, right, action and two functional buttons (depend from the brand of your device).

Of course, it is not recommended to use only
ONE HIT, because it is very easy to break.

The process to set your code is very simply,
all you have to do:

  • select Options: Program from the program's menu
  • select NEW HITS button on the dialog
  • hit buttons in any sequence
  • touch the screen to mark you finished
  • hit buttons in the same sequence again to confirm
  • if both sequences are match: you done.

    TEST! To be sure you can lock and unlock the access to your Pocket PC. Turn the power off, then turn the power on back and hit hardware buttons with your sequence. TEST! To be sure, you remember your sequence correctly, several times in this way. There is no "back door" if you lost your sequence.

    Now you can customize this program to your own needs. Take a look to all dialogs and options. It allows you to turn on/off almost every item of this program. You can even replace sounds with your own or any others you want. This program uses a computer generated messages, but you can find on the Internet all original sounds from the movie and replace.

  •   this is an example of the screen:
    all characters are scrolling in reality

    this is the first text message:
    the date and time are set to actual

    this is the second following message:
    the name will your (Owner name)

    this is the final message
    after you unlocked the access:
    the text are growing to fill the screen

    If you want to see and read detailed descriptions and FAQs - click here.


    Please note: THIS IS IMPORTANT!
    You cannot use this program locking mode together with default Pocket PC password protection. Because this program overwrites a screen and takes control of hardware buttons. You will not see or reach the default password dialog.


    This program is freeware and it allows you to use this program one day with only ONE limit: you will not set a wake up timer. Then, the program will still work but without the looking features.
    If you want to use this program with all additional and unlimited features, you have to buy, download and re-install a new setup file.

    The latest versions are available to downloading from the following on-line services:

      this is the final message
    if you hit sequence incorrectly:
    the text was stoped
    and the screen was freeze

    Copyright ©1995- JGUI. All rights reserved.

    This program has no intention to infringe on the rights of Warner Brothers Studios and Village Roadshow Pictures, who are the intellectual property holders of "The Matrix" and hold copyright over the movie, characters, merchandises, storyline. The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolution names, logos, pictures are registered and copyrighted by the above owners.
    Please visit official Home Pages: whatisthematrix.warnerbros.com www.villageroadshowpictures.com

    This program does not use any original images or sounds from the movie(s) but only simulate that. This program, name and source code is protected by copyright law and international treaties. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this program, or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties. JGUI names, logos, pictures are trademarks.