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GPS.RADAR Origami Edition

This program allows you
to use your Windows Origami*) device
for the following reasons: 

  • monitor your localization by GPS receiver
  • save the track and points of moving
  • generate various XML reports

  • live export results to Google Earth®
  • update results to Internet server, like Google Maps®

    *) Windows Origami devices are specified in several hardware requirements.

  • And more:

  • upload points to dedicated Internet server
  • review your moving on designed web pages
    with Google Maps® streets or satellites images

  • generate Google Earth® current location
  • generate Google Earth® track files
  • review your moving directly on GoogleEarth® interface screen with all its features

  • generate Google® Maps on-line web page
  • review your moving directly on Google® Maps on-line web page service

  • *) This version works well with any Windows Origami device.
    Additional connection to any phone device, provides more advanced features.
    Any GPS receiver is required (Bluetooth recommended).
    Another version, designed for Window Mobile phone devices,
    will be available here: GPS.RADAR MOBILE EDITION

    The current version is the Beta Version.
    It's a freeware trial edition, will run until the end of November 2006.
    Technical support is limited, although we will write here more screenshots and descriptions soon.

    A fantastic InkShow video (reviews GPS.RADAR in use), you can find here:
    (together with all other news from www.gottabemobile.com)
    thanks to Matt Faulkner


    Important! Before you will start, please do the following:

  • in you device operating system:
  • establish connection to GPS Rx (serial cable, Bluetooth)
    be sure in which serial port you get GPS data
  • GoogleEarth® is installed correctly in default directory
    be sure you can see external .kml files in this program

    If you have dedicated server and want to upload positions data:

  • establish connection to the Internet (USB cable, Bluetooth, Dial-up, GPRS, Wifi)
    if this is a Dial-up type, please connect before you launch GPS.RADAR
    this feature is subject of future descriptions,
    generally: GPS.RADAR uploads GPS data as TCP/IP message in the following format:
    example: http://www.jgui.net/gps/data.php?NR=JGUI.ORIGAMI&DATE=20060818&GPS1=1&T%d=11:23 45&L1=50.235585&N1=0.128821&A1=130.45

  • in GPS.RADAR program:
  • open Settings dialog
  • set neccessary GPS Rx parameters
  • set necessary Internet connection names

    Downloads are available from the following servers:

    Copy the above .exe file to your MS Origami device and run to start the Setup program.


    The program's descriptions:

  • Balloon message beside your current position
    show various information, tapping this part changes information in sequence: Lat/Lon position - moving speed, direction and Altitude - direct distance and direction from start poin - total distance of tracking
  • Two buttons on the left-bottom side of screen
    GPS RX allows you to connect/disconnect GPS Receiver
    UPLOAD allows you to manually upload current position to Internet server


    The program's menu descriptions:

    Tapping on any point of screen will display the popup menu:

  • Minimize completely
    will hide program's interface to the default system's taskbar
  • Minimize docked (see below)
    will hide program's interface and display a small window on the top of all other windows you have opened


    The Settings Dialog descriptions:

  • Geographic units
    select units how to display current geographic coordinates
  • Distance and speed units
    select units how to display current moving speed and distance
  • Tracking of moving rules
    select when the new point should be added
    a few pre-defined selections are available, or you can select various values manually
    (for example: when you set Direction: 22.5° it means that the new point adds when your moving direction changed more than ±22.5º)
  • GPS Rx connection
    select the serial port where you get GPS data and the speed of receiving
    it's depend from your GPS Receiver and general system's settings
    mostly the Bluetooth Rx is on COM6, CF Card Rx is on COM7
    Connect on startup: means that the GPS Rx will start when you launch GPS.RADAR program - use it carefully
  • GoogleTM Earth vizualization
    select how to display your position and track on Google Earth program, The view follows GPS changes: means the view will center to your current position, you can manually change Google Earth view but after a few seconds it will center back to your current position (changing this options needs the Google Earth to be reloaded)
  • Internet server to upload
    write the dedicated server name in format like: http://www.jgui.net/gps/data.php where data.php is the web page who receives your position data (this options is subject of future using)
  • Sounds
    select which sounds you want to hear


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