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VGA 640x480 landscape screen size displays just received own location


This message is displaying, while you try to get current own location, or receive someone's external location more than one time daily in freeware version.



Menu functions:

  Before you send SMS request to someone's phone, you have to set the target number. You can write the number manually, or select from your Contacts (see below the screenshot of dialog).

The last 3 numbers are saved and displayed on the left menu. You can delete any number by using the right menu options.


Normally, when target phone cannot connect to GPS Receiver, or doesn't see satellites, it will do nothing. But if you want to be alerted in this situation, you can check "...with error report". If the target device doesn't recognize current location within 3 minutes, it will reply to you with some error reason message.

  You can zoom up and down the map image.

Enlarging 3 times zoom is making internally in your device.
To do that, you can use the right menu, press the ACTION button, or tap the screen on the map.

The larger factor of zooming needs download the map image again from the Internet.


Additionally, at any time, you can reset or restore both your and external someone's location.


Settings dialogs:

  On this dialog:
  • you set what you want the GPS.Friend should do while it starts
  • you set if you want to download the new map image, right after you got new own location, or someone's external location

  •   On this dialog:
  • you choose what geographic units and distance units, you want to read

  •   On this dialog:
  • you can set GPS Receiver parameters, if it was not recognized automatically,
    or in some cases, when your device needs specified settings
  • auto-change loc. information: means the geographic values, times, and distance, are changing automatically on the left-top corner of the screen, you can always change such information manually, by pressing SPACE button, or tap the screen in the area of this information

  •   On this dialog:
  • you change rules of reply fro SMS location request

    By default you are always asked for your permission,
    and only device with the number in your Contacts can request for your location.

    You can allow others to send the request, or you can set only one number from your Contacts.

    If you uncheck "Always ask..." the device will get current location and reply automatically. It's useful, for example in your child's phone. In this case, when you send SMS request of his/her phone location, he/she does not touch the phone at all.

  •   On this dialog:
  • you can write registration unlocking code
    you have to email all the above visible 11 digits
    all characters in code are case-sensitivity

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