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one program.
every mobile device.

This program works in any Windows Mobile devices, incl. Smartphones,
and Ultra Mobile Personal Computers.

Looks seemly and exchanges data between these devices.

It helps you to save your moving tracks, import/export in various formats, follow to target point.

Useful in geocaching, and similar investigating purposes.

+ Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Smartphone:

  • shot and link photo in the position

    + MS Origami, MS Vistagami, UMPC:

  • export and living navigate in Google Earth®


    Recommended requirements:

    Any GPS Receiver wired or Bluetooth connected.

    Windows Mobile phones, Smartphone devices
    - landscape screen 320x240
    - free 500kB of memory or Storage Card
    - Windows Mobile 2005, MS Smartphone

    MR Origami, Vistagami, UMPC devices
    - landscape screen 800x480
    - free 900kB of memory or Storage Card
    - Windows XP incl. SP2, Windows Vista


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