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This program allows you to check you current geographical position, navigate and track your moving in various modes, through the road maps, street plans or satellite photos.
The advanced features allows you to do many automated measurements.

This program was specially designed for WEBPAD mobile devices, which use at least 800x600 screen's resolution.

Special features are included to allow you to use this program in car, when you're driving.

free trial version for a week*

This software gives you a main map screen,
and additional panels with details, compass, World Preview, tachometer and more.

Example of using this program on the car dashboard. The bigger 800x600 screen is much more useful than typical "pocket" screen.

Specially when you are driving.

On the screenshot you see the Siemens Simpad device with this program. And you note, that the hardware was turned around down. This is useful, because this device has card quelles and sockets on the top. In this turned position, all cables (extrnal power and external GPS antenna) are going down. Simplier.

Note: This program does not give you a ready map or plans images (excl. the World preview). This is only a powerful engine you can use to navigate with your own road maps, street plans, or satellites photos. You can easily find many ready-to-use images for your personal using and free to download from the Internet network.

*) free trial version allows you to use the program 7 days

More information:

  • details and screenshots of the World Preview

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