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This program exchanges
the position point from the GPS
by the SMS cellular phone network.

New version
for any XDA or MS Smartphone.
Operating systems: PPC2002 Phone Edition, Smartphone2002, Windows Mobile 2003 or any newest.

You can find your friend and see his/her position
on the map or satellites photo.

Now you can check where and how far he/she is away from your current position.

This program is dedicated to use
with Pocket PC Phone Edition devices.
But this is not a limit.

If both side (you and your friend) have Phone Edition with connected GPS Receivers, all runs automatically. Just in one touch of screen.

If somebody has not a Phone Edition, but only GPS Rx and any type of cellular network phone. Then the position can be send by the manually edited SMS. The Phone Edition device will receive this message and automatically put to the map - no special manipulation need.

Best of all: every Phone Edition device can display up to 10 friends in one map, independently.


  • show your actual position, speed, moving path
  • show GPS satellites signals
  • values are displayed in metric, imperial or nautical units
  • manually or automatically select the map or photo
  • zooming in and out the map image
  • manually moving the map image
  • possibility to calibrate the map "on point"
  • receive SMS messages with GPS data
  • display the point from the above data
  • recognize up to 10 friends independently
  • recognize changes of friend position automatically
  • possibility to automatically: turn the power on, get actual GPS position, send SMS, turn the power off, in the specified period in minutes


  • at least one Pocket PC Phone Edition
  • at least one GPS Receiver
  • at least another one cellular network phone

    Definition of SMS to be recognized:
    This is a minimum one line of SMS text to send the position. Items are separated by ; and should be: GPS; latitude value (minus for South hemi-sphere); longitude value (minus for West hemi-sphere);

    If the SMS is send automatically by the Phone Edition there will be additional values in the following sequence: altitude (in meters over the sea level); moving speed (in km/h); moving direction (0 means North). If you (or your friend) will not use the Phone Edition but manually send the SMS, these additional values are not necessary.







    the welcome screen

    The screen

    The map image or satellite photo is displayed in full screen. To access the main menu you should tap-and-hold the stylus on any point of map image.

    The larger icons allow you to manipulate by your finger (without stylus in most cases).
    Icons on the left side are: connect/disconnect GPS Receiver (green color indicates that GPS is connected and receives GPS data), send the SMS with your current position.
    Icons on the right side are: zoom up, zoom 100%, zoom down, keep the map centered to the current position (green color indicates that the map follows to your position).

    Tapping the point of your current position or any point of your friends (if received and visible) allow you to change the style of visualization or text in balloon messages.

  • geographical position values
  • altitude, moving speed and direction
  • UTC time and date
  • distance to the nearest recognized friend point

    When balloon message is visible you can tap the area of message with the same effect.

    If you do touch-and-hold this point or balloon message place, it will popup a special menu which allow you to customize this item. For example: for the friend point you can show/hide the selected point and balloon message to clear your screen, you can show/hide a line between the friend point and your current position.

  • The SMS

    When the SMS with the above defined text will arrive, and you have this program opened (no matter if fullscreen or minimized), the GPS position will be automatically recognized and the friend point will be displayed. A special balloon message will inform you (the default "New SMS..." message will be hidden in this moment). Friends are recognized and defined by the number of SMS sender.
    If any friend will send the next message with the newest GPS position this will update the position if the number of sender is the same.

    Additionally if you want to observe your position values and satellites signals all the time, you can turn on this items to display on the top of map image (the background still shows the map image but a little grayed).

    The yellow-black bar on the one of screen border indicates that your position point is outside of visible part of the map image.


    The map

    This program allows you to use any kind of image as your map or satellites photo. The image have to be saved as JPG or BMP type with any numbers of colors. Every image have to "calibrated". The calibrated image means you have additional text file with the name identical as the map image and extension .INF This ordinary text file keeps values of 3 point of image and geographical values of these point positions. You can prepare and edit this file manually or you can do it "in field".

    1. Open uncalibrated new image file
    2. Connect GPS Rx and wait until you see the current position values
    3. Stay or move to the point which is well-know and recognized by you on the image
    4. Move the map image as you see the point where you know you are staying
    5. Select from the menu: Set Calibrate Point 1 (or 2 or 3)
    6. Touch the map exactly in the point where you are (you can move the stylus over the image because the moment when the stylus will up is important
    7. Confirm if you want to record this point
    8. Repeat the above steps for 3 points

    When you do the above procedure for all 3 point you will have this map image calibrated. For the best result and precise calibration, we recommend to select these point as far as possible (3 corners of image will be the best).

    For the beginning, this program has included the whole World Map, which is calibrated. Although this one is not too much detailed, you can start to use this program if you have no others.

    The Auto Run feature

    Please read the below descriptions carefully,
    before you use this feature.
    This program gives you 2 modes:

  • continuous power on:
    It assumed that you have your XDA powered all the time (no matter: external power or battery), and your GPS receiver powered and recognized location data all the time too. In this mode your device will not turn off until you do that manually, but you should deactivate this Auto Run feature previously.

  • power set on/off periodically:
    In this mode your device will will power manipulation. It allows you to save the battery and send SMS with position without your touching of XDA and attention. But it is strongly depend from your hardware and satellites status. Please understand: in this mode your XDA will do the following sequence every time interval you set: a) turn the power on b) connect GPS Rx c) check and wait until satellites are fixed and give position d) set the next time e) disconnect GPS Rx f) turn the power off.

    Please note the point: c. Some times, depend from your localization, buildings, trees, moving speed, GPS Rx hardware and many other conditions the time to fix satellites position could increase up to several seconds or even a few minutes. All that time your batteries of XDA and GPS Rx are discharging. You must understand that if you set the time interval for 10 minutes it will be able to happen that batteries will discharge after 2 or 3 hours.

    More: you must remember, when you activate the mode 2, there will be time saved on system memory. If you will not exit this program directly, but from another software or by soft-reset, this time settings is still inside there. And it will send SMS when the time will become. You should disactivate Auto Run and exit this program from its menu, to be sure that the time settings is reset.

    We recommend to use Auto Run with external power and mode: continuous power, in most cases.

    If you set this feature on any mode, you will see a new menu position Auto Run. This is a menu to activate/disactivate this feature any time. You also see the number of SMS sent in this menu.

  • Settings

    This Version allows you to get SMS messages from hadrware GPS receivers who can send SMS messages itself. Now the following hardware are included:

  • 1.
  • 2.

    SMS number format allows you to select what number your SMS Service use: +41234567 (int'national) or 0481234567 (networking) or just 234567 (national). Test your device which SMS sent correctly.

    SMS data format allows you to select what data you receive: default is to use with another device with this program. If yuo have hardware which use another type of SMS data, please let us know and we will put more options.


    Current Version: 2.0..

    The Registered and Trial versions are two separated setup files. You have to download and install the file you want to use. After updated to the Registered Version, all your settings and calibratings work well.

    Minimal requirements:

  • Pocket PC 2002, Smartphone 2002, Windows Mobile 2003
  • preffered: Phone Edition devices
    (SMS feature works only with Phone Edition)

    The Setup files are available from the following servers:

    lowest price

    TRIAL version allows you to use this program for 7 days with no limits.

    MS Smartphone version will be available here, soon. Sorry.

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