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This program exchanges
geographical position points
by SMS or Email (GPRS, Bt, Wifi)
services of cellular phone network.

It allows you to follow your friends, children, cars, dogs... whatever you want.

This version works with any
Pocket PC Phone Edition devices.
Operating systems: PPC2002 Phone Edition,
Windows Mobile 2003, or any newer.
MS Smartphone version is compatible.
Operating systems: MS Smartphone2002,
Windows Mobile 2003, or any newer (see below).

You can easily find your friends and follow his/her positions on the map or satellites photo.

This program was dedicated to use
with Pocket PC Phone Edition devices.
But this is not a limit.

If both sides (you and your friends) have Phone Edition devices with connected any GPS Receivers, all runs automatically. Just by one touch of screen.

In case, somebody hasn't a Phone Edition, but only a GPS Receiver, and any type of cellular network phone: the position can be send by the manually written SMS or Email. The Phone Edition device receives this messages and automatically put points on the map image - no special manipulations need.

Best of all: you can receive any SMS or Email messages even if you have not this program running. Later you can launch this program at any time, and restore all received positions.


  • display up to 10 friends independently
  • display up to 100 points per friend's name
  • recognize changes of friend positions automatically
  • exchange positions by SMS or any Email messages
  • display points in various style
  • display lines between points of the same friend
  • display friend's position, speed, direction of moving
  • zooming in and out the map image
  • manually moving the map image
  • auto-center the map to the latest position

    If you have own GPS Rx connected:

  • show your actual position, speed, moving direction
  • show GPS satellites signals
  • calculate distances and directions from you to friends
  • auto-center the map to your actual position


  • display maps from .bmp .jpg .png image formats
  • portrait, landscape or square screen orientations
  • show/hide system's taskbar on the top
  • metric, imperial or nautical units
  • auto show up when new message arrived
  • all points save in Inbox folders
  • all points can restore at any time
  • auto send your position in specified period
  • send GPS Request to external device (some tracking devices allows you to send a special request for current position, see below)
  • Floating Point: allows you to mark any point on the map and then calculate distances and directions

    If you have Tomtom® software installed (licenced):

  • export positions to this software

    If you don't want to prepare and use own map images:
    You can easily export positions to the live map service Mapquest® - see details below.



  • at least one Pocket PC Phone Edition or Smartphone
  • at least one GPS Receiver

    This program recognizes position messages from a various types of hardware. You can use it also, to take positions from your car's built-in tracking device, from mobile GPS Locator®, Benefon® telephone, Sanav® tracker, or other hardware. A few pre-defined formats are included.

    Some external devices can send current position on your request. You can send such a request directly from this program, only by one touching of the screen.

    The list of compatible devices is growing, ask me if you want to use with your specified devices, not listed yet.

    If you have to send position manually:
    This is a definition of the minimum message to write:
    Items inside this text are separated by ; and mean:
    GPS; latitude value (minus for South hemi-sphere); longitude value (minus for West hemi-sphere);

  • A few examples of display styles:

    restore all points
    confirmation message

    display only last 7 points
    flag icons show points

    display all restored points
    body icon shows My Point

    display last point with external image
    My Point shows distance
    line from My to the latest point

    Descriptions of using:

    You are operating with two main sections:

  • My Point (if GPS Rx is connected)
  • received Friend's (or whatever to name) points

    Both sections you can set independently in various styles and features. Read basic Help descriptions are available with this program on your mobile device.

    To access the menu: tap-and-hold any point of the screen.

    To move the map image: tap-and-move on the screen or use arrow hardware keys.

    A few large icons/buttons allows you to quick use some basic features (from left side of the screen):

  • send away my position (white bird: visible when used)
  • send GPS Request (white globe with question: visible when used)
  • start GPS Rx (color indicates satellites status,
    red: stopped, blue: visible, green: fixed)
  • center the map image to My Point (green: on)
  • zoom in
  • zoom 100%
  • zoom out
  • exporting to Tomtom® (when used)

    If you have GPS Rx connected with your device, you can see your current position: My Point. This programs show your geographical localization, moving speed, moving direction and (when you got some external points) distances to any points.

    You change between the above items by tapping your point on the map image in a sequence. In this same way: tapping one of external point you got, you change what items you want to see about this particular point. If you tap one of the external point where is not details displayed: it will hide all previous details and display for this point. If you tap the external point with some details displayed: it will change the details type in a sequence, as above.

    You can use one of built-in icons to present My Point position, or you can use your own picture: make your image and paste as file MyPoint.png or .bmp into the program's folder.


    With or without GPS Rx you can always get external messages with localization points. These messages are stored in your ordinary Inbox folders. You can even get messages in the moment when this program is not running. Then you can open this program and use: Restore all points menu to display all your received points. All points are split between Sender's number identification automatically.

    As you can see on right screenshot, you can even use your own icons/images to display some external points. Rules are: any image saved in .bmp or .png format (256 colors recommended) in this program's installation directory, transparent color is (255,0,255) the point of localization is on the bottom-left corner of your picture 8 pixels from sides. The name of your picture must be exactly as the number/email of Sender. If the program found image named with some Sender's number, it will show this image against the selected style. Please do not keep too much pictures, because it can slow down the visualization of all points.

    This program can keep
    map image centered automatically
    to the selected Sender number/name or to your own current localization. In this case you don't have to moving the map image manually, because it's following by the selected point (for external point: it will be the last received point).

  • WorldMap preview (included)
    default point icons

    Friend Point from external picture
    defined by Sender's Number
    in PPC Phone Edition version

    My Point and Friend Point
    from external pictures
    in MS Smartphone version

    Making the map image and calibrating:

  • it's no so hard
  • you can make it directly on PPC or on your desktop PC
  • save your map image in format .bmp .jpg or .png
    [example: LondonCity.jpg]
  • the size of image is limited by your device memory
  • save the calibrate text file with the same name as your map image
    [example: LondonCity.txt]
  • write into this text file a minimum request for calibration data: position on the image and known geographic localizations for this position: for three different points
  • on the end of text line, write the size of image two times
  • separate items in text by "," and indicate each position by C1, C2,C3 string, and tap Enter (new line break) finally
    [example: C1,390,241,W,0.500000,N,51.500000,C2,1392,
    51.200000,1425,1035, 425,1035, ]

  • you can make it "on-field" when you stay in one of these points: if you have the map image with point where you are. you need only to mark the point on the image where you are in the moment, and your current GPS data will save to be compare to this point
  • or you can write these points manually (review the included WorldMap and its configuration file)
  • paste both files to any folder on your device


  • select points close to the image borders
  • select points as far away each others as it is possible


    To see more screenshots and Settings Dialogs, tap here



  • Exporting positions to free on-line map:

    If you don't have own map (and calibrated), you can export positions to Mapquest® on-line service at any time. To do the exporting, just tap the globe icon (you see it on the right screenshot on the right side of the screen). This icon (blue in the moment you can use) is displayed on the right side of the screen when you set exporting of the last received Friend's Point, or on the left side if you set exporting of your own position (request GPS Rx connected). When you tap this icon, it will open Pocket Internet Explorer with the map centered to the exported position. These maps are very small, downloading takes only several seconds.

    Mapquest® is a free service,
    you will not pay for any new map image.


    Exporting positions to Tomtom® program:

    Licenced owners of this program, can export position to map images available in Tomtom®. Just tap the same icons as explained above, when you set this feature in the Settings Dialog. It will lunch Tomtom® program with map centered to the exported position. You can even save any position as the new POI (Point-Of-Interest) in the database, under the new Category: GPS.PI

    Of course, this function works only if you have Tomtom® with the installed map who covers certain position point.



    Current installation version: 3.0.

    Minimal requirements:

  • Pocket PC 2002 Phone Edition, Windows Mobile 2003
  • 700kB of free memory to installation
  • at least 1MB of free memory to run
  • works from main memory or Storage Card
  • map images from any folder

    This program has no detailed map images included (except the World's preview). You have to make your own calibrated map image, to start to display positions on the map. Instruction published above.

    Installation files are available
    from the following on-line servers:

    the lowest price

    ----> Note: if you will get error message when you lunch this program first time, please go to the installation folder and run TTNControl or download it here: TTNControl.cab (this is a one-time self-installed connector for Tomtom®, it's requested even when you do not have Tomtom®).

    TRIAL version allows you to use this program for 7 days with limited number of friends and points.

    To unlock your Trial Version you have to write the Password or Registration Code in the About settings dialog. This Code you will receive by email within max. 48 hours after purchasing have been confirmed.




    *) If you don't know what this title "PI" means,
    you'd hear some song's title performed by Dire Straits.

    We hope, it explains you more purposes of this program.


  • MS Smartphone version is available
    and it is compatible.

    Some currently limits and differences from PPC version:

  • no calibrate mode: you should paste a ready and calibrated map images into MS Smartphone device, or you can edit the calibration text file manually
  • all map images and calibrate files have to be saved under program's sub-folder: Maps
  • you change information displayed on balloon message by using particular menu
  • you move map image by pressing arrow keys
  • you set "center to My Point" by pressing Enter key


    Minimal requirements:

  • MS Smartphone 2002, Windows Mobile 2003
  • 500kB of free memory to installation
  • at least 1MB of free memory to run
  • works from main memory or Storage Card (recommended)
  • map images only from sub-folder Maps
  • some known devices: SPV, SPVII, SP3, SP Media, SDA, SDA Music, I-Mate, Qtek8080

    Separated installation files are available
    from the following on-line servers:

    ----> Note: if you will get error message from the setup file, try to download the .cab file, paste it to your Smartphone and run to install.

    Smartphone version if free for all registered owners of Pocket PC version. Please email a request to info@jgui.net


  • Copyright ©1995- JGUI. All rights reserved.

    That programs, name and source codes is protected by copyright law and international treaties. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of that programs, or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties.
    JGUI names, logos, pictures are trademarks.