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GPSIDEA is a program allows you to use your Pocket Personal Computer
with GPS receiver easier, more reliable and efficiently.
It collects your trip, driving, walking, climbing moves, viewpoints, tracks,
and give you a maximum of today's GPS possibilities.


GPSIDEA uses any road map, street plan, satellite view, in any scale, User can make, add or delete any number of map's files

GPSIDEA uses normal window (with menu bars) or fullscreen mode (gives User more points of Pocket PC small screen)

GPSIDEA shows actual point (your location), direction of moving, detailed geographical position

GPSIDEA shows many other information over the map, current speed, target point, direction and distance to target

GPSIDEA tracks your moving, checks locations between distance or time adjusted, write lines, mark start and stop points

GPSIDEA helps to protect your life: User adjusts speed limits and GPSIDEA will alarm when it will over (voice and red colour)

GPSIDEA PRO version gives more: satellite details, strength and precision, background working (periodically turn on a power of Pocket PC, check current position, save it and turn off a power)

NOW! GPSIDEA PRO version gives more: Fuel Calculator allows to track car's fuel wasting and alert if there is less then 5 liters/galons

NOW! GPSIDEA gives more: Power Detection will automatic connect/diconnect when use in car


I have just updated GPS IDEAS PRO once again this month to 1.5 version. Why? Every time I stopped my car and turned the engine off I had to remember to disconnect the GPS and turn off the power of PPC.

I had to do it every time. But now GPS IDEAS PRO has a solution. It detects if the is supplied. Perhaps all of us power the PPC and GPS from the car socket. This is why GPS IDEAS detects the power. Every time you turn off the engine, you also cut off the power in car socket. GPS IDEAS detects it, automatically disconnects the GPS receiver and (after a 10 seconds delay and a voice alert) turns off the power of PPC device.

That's all! When you turn the engine on again you need only to press the power button of PPC. GPS IDEAS will connect GPS receiver automatically and start running.

To use this new feature I added a special Gps/Power auto-detection menu. When it is checked, the feature is activated.



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