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This program allows you
to use Pocket PC and GPS Rx
in the situation where you have no map image.

And you can still check your actual position, track your moving, calculate distances and directions.

This program:

  • shows your actual position
  • shows compass directions
  • tracks your moving in various modes
  • lists all your tracked points
  • draws all your tracked points in some simulated map, rescaled continuously
  • calculates distance to the Target Point
  • calculates and analyzes "reverse moving"
  • saves/opens your tracked path or point
  • This is a first screen you will see. Please note: red message indicates you are not connected to the GPS Receiver or your receiver is not working.


    To connect/disconnect the GPS Rx, click the satellite icon on the command bar (and icon's picture changes, highlighted icon indicates: satellites are fixed).


    The second picture shows an example of the screen when you got GPS signals correctly.

    You see (from the top):

  • actual geographical position
  • actual high over the sea level
  • actual speed of moving
  • compass directions
  • satellites signals diagram
  • additional satellites information

    You can change the style of geographical and speed units, by the menu: Program/Program Settings or Interface Settings.

  • The next screen (tap the icon on the command bar) lists all your tracked points with details, directions of moving, speed changes.

    You can track your moving:

  • in a specified time period
  • in a specified distance between points
  • additional: when you change the moving direction
  • additional: when you stop and then start again the moving

    You set the above options by the menu Program Settings.

    To start or stop the tracking, use the menu Tracks.

    When you stop the tracking (or paused) the summarize information are displayed on the bottom of the screen.

  • At least, the third screen shows your moving on some simulated map area.

    Just start the tracking and moving. You will see every next tracked point automatically and the map will rescale and move, so you will see all your points every time.

    You can show/hide:

  • tracked points
  • Start and Stop Points
  • moving directions
  • the time of every tracked point
  • the distance between points or summarized
  • you current/actual localization
  • Target Point if you set one

    You can zoom in or out the map manually. You can move your map manually by the hardware arrows buttons.

    Additionally you can use your map in the "reverse tracking". This mode allows you to navigate back to the Start Point and analyze your back way and differences from the previous one.

  • You can save your current moving any time you wish. Then you can open the previously saved track to use it again or to analyze. Navigate through all points, zoom in or out.

    When you open the track, all previously saved tracks are listed.

    When you save the track, the default name is your current time, but you can change the name to anything you want.

    All the above procedures are working with your Target Points too. Target Point is a one point you want to define and save for the future use. This program will show you distance and direction to your Target Point from the current position.

    Current Version: 1.1.

    The Registered and Trial versions are two separated setup files. You have to download and install the file you want to use.

    Minimal requirements:

  • Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003
  • 200kB of free memory
  • any GPS Rx visible as any serial port

    The Setup files are available from the following servers:

    TRIAL version allows you to use this program for 7 days with no limits.

    This software is [GPS EDITION] group compatibility. This means, that this program exchanges some GPS/NMEA data with another. To be sure, everything works correctly, every programs have to have the same version number.

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