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This screen is devided to 3 parts. Tapping on every title bar will change the data displayed on the appreciate part of the screen. Tapping inside the part area will change the style to show, like units type.

From the top of the screen, there are:

  • Geographical localization details, Sun and Moon info
  • Compass and destination course
  • Tachometer diagram

    On this picture you see:

  • your current localisation details
  • your current speed of the moving
  • time in Universal Time Coordinates
  • Internet Time
  • compass in the azimuth (nautical) style

  • To select the appreciate item to show on this screen,
    please use the main menu View \ Compass or Tachometer.
    Menu: Show always, marks the selected items to show all the time. Opposite to the mode when it will show up only a few seconds after you touched the screen.

    On this picture you see:

  • your current date and time zone
  • Sunrise and Sunset times, inlc. twilight corrections
  • compass in the direction (landscape) style
  • Sunrise (yellow) and Sunset (red) positions on the compass
  • Tachometer counts the speed changes

  • On this picture you see:
  • your current local time
  • Moon phase's image and time

  • On this picture you see:
  • compass in the azimuth style
  • your current moving direction (red bars)
  • pre-set destination course (gray bars)

  • On this picture you see:
  • an interface to set the destination course

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