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Desktop PC version

While it is running, display only small icon beside clock.

It listens for upcoming alerts, as text messages, in one of available configuration:

  • Windows Mobile phone connected by wire cable or Bluetooth to Desktop PC, by MS ActiveSync
  • any kind of external GSM Modem, connected by USB serial cable, or as PCMCIA, PCIEx Card


    When new pre-alert, or GPS.SOS! alert arrives, it downloads the map image immediately,
    from one of selected on-line services, and displays the map window on the top of all used programs.
    It supports multimonitors hardware. Of course, what's meaning you can move the map to any monitors.


    Map images from Google Maps service


    Map images from Microsoft Bing Maps service



    Trial Version is available on request, under pre-contract agreement signed, please email: info@jgui.net


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