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Don't panic! Someone will help.

GPS.SOS! is a program for Windows Mobile phones, or Windows Phones.
It allows you, in some situation, to send SMS message alert,
with your current location read from GPS Receiver.

That's all by only one touch of your phone!

You don't need to worry,
all neccessary things your phone will do itself.

The Recipient will get your alert message with your known location.
He can call-back and your phone will answer automatically, and turn the speakerphone mode.
If Recipient uses the same program, he can view your location on the map image in a few seconds.

GPS.SOS! is the best solution
while you are in some threatening situation.
Car or bicycle breaks down, you lost on hiking, jogging, children or old people feel unsafe, medical accident occurs, anything...

Don't panic!
Just touch your phone,
press GPS.SOS! button.

Watch this sample video in action:

Or see this animation: GPS.SOS! animation


Unique in this program

GPS.SOS! starts the alert with the one touch of your phone.
You don't need to press anything more, you don't need to look at the screen.

GPS.SOS! will try to get your current location, from internal GPS Receiver,
if satellites are invisible, GPS.SOS! plays a special sound that you have to move your phone
to some better place where they are recognizable.

You have free hands what is important in certain situations,
and when Recipient will decide to call-back, you will start to talk without touching the phone.

Recipient reads your location, as an ordinary text message,
and he can use any web browser to watch your location on any map service.
But, when Recipient has GPS.SOS! in using too, in his phone,
he downloads the preview map with your location in just a few seconds.


The installation of this program is very easy.
It requests only three steps:

  • download this setup GPS.SOS.WINMO.SETUP.CAB file and copy to your phone
  • open this setup to begin installation
  • set at least the one Recipient number
    necessary dialog will open automatically after the setup finished

    After installation, the setup has to soft-reset your phone.

    We focus to make this installation as simple as possible, even for less experienced users.
    Even "grandma" gets by this installation. Because, there are no more settings.

    Recipients and Sender names and photos are displayed, when you have them in your Contacts.
    In other cases, only phone number is used.


    Activating the alert

    There are a few possibilities to activate GPS.SOS! alert:

  • basically by tapping icon shortcut on Start menu, or Programs dialog
  • by tapping a new right menu on Today Screen (PPC) or Home Screen (Smartphone)
  • by tapping a new Today Screen item (touch-sensitivity screens)
  • by pressing some selected hardware button
  • by moving out-and-in a stylus (only in specified hardware)

    The following screenshots represent all steps, when you use GPS.SOS! program, and activate the alert.

    When you don't use "on-screen notification", you will not see the above screens, but only hear sound announces.
    When you don't use "sound confirmations", you will not hear anything. Alert sends in silent.

    "Send pre-alert" option forces to send text message right after you activated alert, without awaiting
    until GPS Receiver reads your location. Then when your current location will know,
    the default GPS.SOS! alert will send immediately.


    Receiving someone's alert

    The following screenshots represent all steps, when you use GPS.SOS! program, and get someone alerts.

    You can move, or zoom, this received map image around alert location, without downloading new data.


    Requesting someone's location remotely

    If you allow someone to control your phone remotely (see below Settings dialogs),
    he can force your phone to read your current location and reply as GPS.SOS! alert.
    This is running completely in the background, user will notice nothing about.

    To request some phone location remotely, just send an ordinary text message:

    If you want to get pre-alert, to be sure that someone GPS Receiver started, send:


    Settings dialogs

    The following screenshots represent all available Settings dialogs.

    Summarizing: you have to set only one Recipient number as the minimum settings.


    GPS.SOS! since 5.0. version runs in the following hardware:

  • Windows Mobile phones (since 5.0 version)
  • Windows Phones 6.5. and the newer
  • both Winmo Professional with touch-sensitivity screens<
  • and Winmo Standard aka Windows Smartphones
  • both portrait and landscape screen orientations
  • (stylus sensor is currently available in HTC Diamond, HTC HD, HTC Pure models)


    Downloading the setup file

    GPS.SOS! Program is available as shareware version.
    It runs for seven days without limits.
    Please download the below setup file and copy to the phone.


    After the setup finished, GPS.SOS! will prompt you to set Recipient number,
    and then you have to soft-reset the phone.


    Buying license, and unlocking code

    To unlock this program, you have to buy license from one of the below sources:

    the lowest price
    AFTER your purchasing confirmed by on-line store,
    please open GPS.SOS! Settings, go to Registration dialog,
    read your Device ID, and email to:

    We will reply your unlocking code within hours, or max. 3 working days.

    You can write this unlocking code manually in GPS.SOS! Settings dialog,
    or you can do it remotely, be sending a special text message:

    where xxxxxxxxxxx is your unlocking code.
    Your code must match to your phone Device ID.
    In this remote way, you can unlock your Grandma's phone remotely too.

    It's more possible! If you don't want to ask your Grandma of her Device ID
    - what of course has to be known to generate the unlocking code -
    you can send a special message to request Device ID remotely:

    And Grandma phone will reply you necessary Device ID.
    For additional security, this reply runs only when GPS.SOS! is not registered.

    Technical support, please email: info@jgui.net


    Desktop PC compatible version

    For corporate order, a special Desktop PC version is available.
    It runs on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 computers, to listen for GPS.SOS! alerts.
    Desktop PC has to be connected to the Internet in any way.
    Desktop PC has to read some kind of GSM Modem by serial port communication.
    Or, it can listen any Windows phones connected by MS ActiveSync program.

    Desktop PC version allows you to view the received alert location on wide range of on-line maps,
    Google Maps streets, satellites vie, 3D Earth, Microsoft Bing Maps roads, aerial, birdeye.

    This version allows you to manage some kind of Call Center, where people will listen for GPS.SOS! alerts.

    More screenshots of Desktop PC version are on this web page.



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