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Due to changes of database and large numbers of World Pandemic cases,
this project wss declined since 01 November 2009.

Version 1.2. updated at UTC15:00 07 May 2009

This program recognizes your current location, from GPS Receiver,
download the registered flu cases from the Internet database,

and in case the closest flu was near your location

it will alert you by red screen, vibrating, and special sounds.

This program runs on every Windows Mobile phone.
The screen type and size is not a matter.

After the initial run, only 3 steps, it will download flu cases report automatically,
and invisible for you. Only in case of alert you, it will display the red screen, vibrate, and play sounds,
whereof you can be sure, and needn't check it manually every time.

Step 1:
Please read the initial descriptions.
You can set the alert distance (radius) range.
This is the radius around your own location,
to alert you when (at least the one) recognized
flu case was inside this circle.
   Step 2:
Set own location.
You can write it manually, or you use GPS Receiver.
Decide if you want to get own location every time
please note: GPS Receiver consumes battery,
and in some situation needs more time to get location.
Alternatively, you can use the last known location.
   Step 3:
Download report.
It needs your phone to be connected to Internet.
You can set downloading to run automatically.
In this mode, it runs invisible, only in case
of alert, it will display on the top of screen.
You can test, how the alert will look.

After the red screen, you can download
the map image to preview your location and the closest flu case.

Alert message and map are displayed in fullscreen mode.
Just please tough the screen, or press any button to disable the alert and break the sound.


Please note:
to disable the automatic downloading,
you have to set the period in Step 3 to "never: manually".

In this case, you download new flu cases report at your will.


H1N1.ALERT is not authorized by WHO (World Health Organization)
and does not use any information from their sources.

H1N1.ALERT uses an unofficial on-line database of flu cases,
created and administrated by rhizalabs.com


This program is freeware.

To install, download the setup file:
H1N1.ALERT.SETUP.exe (Save... into Desktop PC, connect the phone, and run)
H1N1.ALERT.SETUP.cab (copy to mobile phone, and run)

You can easily access the setup file, directly from you mobile phones,
add this link to your Mobile Favorites directory (click below):
H1N1.ALERT setup file

If this program works well in your phone,
and you think it's advisable for you,
please donate, click below,
because it'll help me to create more.


Problems or questions: info@jgui.net

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If you use, so called: delivery report in text messaging, it will delete or move such reports automatically.


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