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This program changes the style of notifications
when you missed some phone call, or received a new text messages.
It just gives better enjoyments to Windows phones,
and adds a bit of "spice" to your everyday phoning and messaging.

Extra Notifications alerts you about event, by using one of the selected theme,
which simulates computer interfaces and activities, from known motion pictures.
There are plenty computer concepts in history of cinematography, better or worse.
It's enjoyable to encounter some similar feelings, even in small screen of mobile device.


Original version of this program was designed in 2009,
tribute to one of the best sci-fic movies forever: Alien,
what was realized on May 1979, directed by Ridley Scott.
Although in those times, we haven't computers in life, and even haven't imagined about,
now, we can only smile, how it was designed, especially for spacecraft needs.

Below, you can compare, how this program looks in reference to original idea:

Alien: © Twentieth Century-Fox
Extra Notifications: in Winmo phone

You can download, and use more free themes from the below links.
We will create and add more themes in the future.

This program is not a video player of piece of movie, it doesn't use video records.
It is the designed simulator, with selected visual and audio effect,
specially to become usable as notification informer in small phones.
For such purposes, sometime it also uses others sounds or images from the movie.


Common rules of using Extra Notifications:

The main purpose of using thiss program is
the quicker checking, what phone call you missed, or what message received,
before you decide to re-dial, or reply, or ignore.

  • notification displays Caller or Sender number, the time of event, and text of message
  • notification informs you if Caller or Sender is from your Contacts database, or...
  • additionally displays Contact name and photo
  • more to display: cellular network name, signal strength, device owner name, Wifi points
    please observe a whole simulation, you will notice much more information

  • you can review all missed phone calls, or received text messages:
    press the left or right navigation buttons, or tap-and-move over the screen horizontally
  • you can start the simulation from the beginning at any time:
    press the down navigation button, or tap-and-move down over the screen
  • close the simulation and notification:
    press the up navigation button, or tap-and-move up over the screen
  • show/hide details of Caller or Sender, and message text:
    press the Action button, or tap on the screen
  • turn off the simulation and open phone dialer,
    or messages Inbox list:
    press right menu button, or tap bottom-right side of screen
  • turn off the simulation and re-dial the number,
    or reply to Sender:
    press left menu button, or tap bottom-left side of screen
  • hold the simulation for any moment (to easier reading):
    press and hold any navigation button, or tap-and-hold on the screen

  • in every theme, there is some "special magic moment"
    when you press Action button or touch the screen at this moment, some special action will play
    for example, in default Alien theme, this moment is while you see famous "WHAT ARE MY CHANCES ?"

  • additionally, it will reply notifications a few times every 5 minutes,
    until you do touch your phone and read the notification.


    Extra Notifications settings dialog:
  • Display Contact information: when used, details incl. photo from your Contacts database will display, in other case only information if Caller or Sender was found in Contacts will display
  • Play the final sound: when used, plays the special additional sound
    when you exit notification
  • Disable system's notifications: will try to turn off system's notifications,
    this option depends from hardware specification, you can always do it manually in Start/Settings/Notifications dialog
    Extra Notifications program plays sounds when you set the main volume over zero,
    and does vibrates when you set it in system notifications or profile
  • Display statusbar icon: nothing special to do with such icon, only inform you that this program is running in the background,

    in smartphones this icon is on the top bar

    in phones with touch-sensitivity screens
    this icon is on the bottom of Today Screen


    Extra Notifications themes:
    Click below, to start downloading.
    You can also download themes directly from your phone, from this program menu.
    All screenshots are samples only, do not show a real animations and effects.

    MU-TH-R 182 (aka: Mother) from the movie Alien (default, installed with the program)
    ©1979 Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
    Extra Norifications program displays the above computer interface, and also other spacecraft cockpits,
    "magic moment" while you see WHAT ARE MY CHANCES ? on screen
    take 1.4MB of memory space

    Matrix from the movie The Matrix
    ©1999 Warner Bros. Pictures
    Extra Notifications program displays the title content, but also plays Smith's sounds
    "magic moment" while symbol characters start to go down on screen
    additionally take 2.6MB of memory space

    HAL9000 from the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey (upcoming soon)
    ©1968 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
    Extra Notifications program displays many, if not all, computer screens and plays his sounds
    "magic moment" while you hear HAL's: I'm sorry. I can't do that
    additionally take 2.9MB of memory space

    Skynet from the movie Terminator (upcoming soon, May 2009)
    ©1984 Orion Pictures Corporation
    Extra Notifications program displays computers screens, and plays Terminator sounds
    this theme is unique: it simulates the crashing of your phone screen
    "magic moment" while you hear: "I'll be back".

    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, 2005
    ©2005 Buena Vista Pictures
    this is our favour, only because it displays "Dont' Panic" inscribed in large friendly letters
    Extra Notifications does not displays Deep Thought screen,
    and even des not answers for the most important question on the World

    WOPR (War Operation Plan Response) from the movie War Games

    MCP (Master Control Program) from the movie TRON

    V.I.K.I. from the movie I, Robot

    Colossus from the movie Colossus The Forbin Project

    Please email to info@jgui.net
    if you know another computer idea, worth of using in notifications.
    Here's the wikipedia's list of fictional computers


    Extra Notifications installation:

    This program works in any Windows Mobile phone, on any screen size and orientation.
    Additional free memory is requested to install next themes.
    In some devices, particularly in Smartphones versions, soft-reseting is necessary after installation.
    This program can turn off default system notifications, but we recommend to do it manually,
    because it gives better resource's performance: Start\Settings\Notifications.

    The Setup files include the program and one default theme: Alien.
    If you want to use more themes, you have to download it separately after installation.

    Setup file to install from Desktop PC:

    Setup file to direct download and install in mobile device:


    Extra Notifications license purchasing:

    This program is shareware. It runs for one day, with no limits.
    Then, after this time, you still can use it for free, with the limit of only one notification per every launching.
    This means, that you have to launch (activate) this program each time after single notification.
    You can buy license, and get the unlocking code, from one of the following sources:

    40% off
    You have to write the unlocking code in this program dialog, from menu Options\Registration.
    If you will not get the unlocking code right after purchasing, or within 48 hours,
    please send a prompt memo: info@jgui.net


    If you don't want to be notified, when you use so called "delivery report" in text messaging,
    you may use my other program, which deletes reports automatically:


    Copyright ©1999- JGUI.
    JGUI names, logos, images are copyrighted and reserved for JGUI.
    Windows Mobile, Windows Phone are copyrighted for Microsoft Corp.