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EXSMSTM Adv. (Advanced Version)

For both Pocket PC Phone Edition and Microsoft Smartphone.
Version 3.0.


You can send and receive SMS
  • as plain text messages
  • as encrypted hidden messages.
    Please read below the note about encryption.

    And this version has all features
    of the standard EXSMS program:

    Talk with friend(s) in the chat style
    just by SMS exchanging.

    Instant SMS sending and receiving.

    Pop-up this program's window, play the sound or vibrate, when the new message (answer) arrived.

    Quick and easy select from pre-defined text and emoticons.

    Note: All messages are not saved into Inbox or Sent folders.
    But you can save all chat messages in the text file any time to the future read.



    Works with both
    Pocket PC Phone Edition (XDA, O2) and Smartphone (Microsoft operating system).

    And exchange message between any:

  • Pocket PC Phone Edition - Pocket PC Phone Edition
  • Pocket PC Phone Edition - Microsoft Smartphone
  • Microsoft Smartphone - Microsoft Smartphone
  • Pocket PC Phone Edition - any other cell phone *
  • Microsoft Smartphone - any other cell phone *

    * the encryption feature is not working.


  • Using:

    You should close any other programs use SMS service in your mobile device. (A special message will display when you start this program and any other service is recognized.)

    If you use this program, all SMS messages, sent and received, are not saved into your Outlook Inbox and Sent folders. Until you close this program.

    When you first time run this program, you have to write the phone number to which you want to send your message. Menu: Set Number. Then the menu: Set Number is replaced with the number you written.


    Now you are ready to talk!

  • write your message
    use pre-defined text or emoticons
  • press the menu: Send
  • when your message sent, the text adds to the list above

  • wait for answer
  • when new message arrived, the text adds to the list above, right below you own previously sent message

    That's all! Easy!


    To read about all other features, please back to the EXSMS page, click here.



    You can save your message (probably your life this way too).

    In this time of this World, it is probably that all SMS messages are investigated by computer systems or some kind of people. To be sure that your SMS message is not readable for anybody, except the receiver you choose, you have to encrypt messages before you send it. Encrypt with your own unique password.

    To begin with encryption you have to write the password. Use the menu Encrypt: Password (read below about rules).

    Now, you can send message in a normal way or encrypted.
    To send encrypted message you have to activate the encryption mode. You can do it for one time (one message) or permanently. Use the menu Encrypt: Run once or Encrypt: Run all time. When it is activated, the main menu button: Send changes to Encr.Send so you're sure you send encrypted message.

    If you keep the encryption mode activated (although this is not recommended in most cases), all received messages are automatically decrypted and displayed as readable text. If you turn off the encryption mode, all encrypted messages you previously received are unreadable.

    Of course both passwords on sender side and receiver side should be the same (incl. capitalizations).

    Encrypted messages are indicated by * character in the beginning of text.



    You see all messages decrypted (readable)
    if the password is correct and when you selected the Encrypt mode.

    You hide all encrypted messages (unreadable)
    when you turn off the Encrypt mode or changed the password.

    Rules for password:

  • The password can be any string made by any characters.
  • The password have to be at least 4 characters long (longer is better).
  • The password should not use only dictionary words.
  • When you written the password, it is all the time in your device, until you will clear (or change) it manually or close this program. Do not leave your device out off your care.
  • Change the password as often as you can.
  • NEVER write you password in any SMS message.
  • NEVER say your password by phone connection.
  • NEVER write your password in any text note in your device.
  • The only safe way to exchange the password, it is yours personal talking face-to-face.
  • The password is not memorized when you close this program.

    Some good way to exchange password: buy some book: 2 copies | give one of them to you friend | agree the password by sending (or speaking) numbers of book's page, line and word of line: the word from book's text is yours password | additionally you can agree to add the current day or month number to the end of password. But the best rule for the password: NOT to use dictionary words. You can use for example: "jka$%sd 93jd2" as your password, if you can only remember this kind of string.

    Note: normal plain SMS message is limited in length to 160 characters. If you want to send encrypted message you MUST write a shorter message, typically no more than 100 characters. It is depend from the password you use (longer password = less characters). Otherwise you can lose some part of your message.

    If you receive the encrypted message when the password is typed correctly you can view decrypted text when you activated the Encrypt Mode.

    If you receive the encrypted message when the password is wrong (or empty), you cannot view decrypted text until you write correct password and run Re-Decrypt at least one time.

    This program has built-in a standard Microsoft Windows encryption. This standard uses 40 bits keys. It is understandable that this encryption method is safe enough for 95% (maybe 99%) of people... or without a very special strong computer hardware. This means, your encrypted messages will no be readable (withoput password) by your boss, partners, co-workers, ordinary hackers, friends, wife, children...
    But we cannot take responsible for the rest of %.

    Additionally, we provide an one more special version for people or corporate interested in a really strong encryption.
    This special version gives 256 bits key (or longer) and another encryption algorithms (Blowfish, 3DES, IDEA), on the request.
    It is distributed by special licence, please email: info@jgui.net with subject: exsms licence.


    Trial Version allows you to send only 3 messages. And you cannot change the password.
    Please understand: until you change the password to your own, message can be encrypted but it is not safe.
    No other limits.

    You can buy split versions for both XDA or Smartphone,
    or you can buy licence for both platforms in one time with a discounted price.

    This program has no PC installation.
    Unzip and copy the .cab file to your mobile device and run.
    Installation will create a shortcut on your default start menu.
    We recommend to install into default folder.
    It takes only 40kB of memory space.
    (Update from the Trial to the Full is easy: close this program, copy new .cab and run. It will overwrite your previous file.)

    Trial and Full Versions are available for downloading and purchasing,
    from the following services:

    Only Smartphone Version:

    (direct download from smartphone: copy the link to your smartphone)

    Both XDA and Smartphone Versions:

    Lowest price: $22.99
    secure on-line shop
    also by: EU, £ ¥


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