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  Do you want nicer look and feel, on your mobile smartphone?
More useful and easier for all your daily needs?

Look at this program. It displays all information in one conveniently screen.
It simulates rich Windows Vista
TM interface in a small screen of mobile device, including Sidebar.

"JGUI crafts Vista skin, looks better than Crossbow." *) by www.engadget.com

This program was designed for Microsoft Smartphone devices with landscape screens, basically.
There are lots of reasons to try it on other phone devices with Windows Mobile system.
Specially, because it uses hardware keys instead of touch-sensitivity screen for daily operating.

And YES! It's freeware in base functionalities, forever.
The current version displays only English characters (fonts).


  The background:

You can select the background image from a few pre-installed pictures, or you can use your own image as you wish. Read the instruction below.
You change the background image if you press Action key while no other function for this button is available at this moment.

The background changes own size and position slightly. And additionally, it can be coloured by one of seven basic colors in the sequence running. Or you can select the static one color you like, incl. completed black. See below screenshots where you can notice these features.

this is a screenshot from VGA size screen

  The sidebar:

On the right side, there are items of so called sidebar.

You can keep a whole sidebar on the top of screen always, or you can keep only the clock on the top.

Above the clock there are a network signal level bar and battery condition status.

On the top of sidebar, there is the animated weather icon and current felt temperature.

Certainly, to get weather information, you have to connect your smartphone to the Internet and download the database. You can do it manually, or this program can do it for you automatically every day, while you sleep.

Start screen

  This is the main interface screen, called Start.

In this program there are more screens. You can change the screen by Left or Right key (in PPC with touch-sensitivity screen, also by tap-and-move over the screen to the left or right side).

Although, the freeware version does not displays too much on other screens.


The Start Screen tries to show you all Today's important matters and subjects.

Depend from the case, if some item exists or not,
you read on the left side, below current date, as follow:

  • Sun times
  • Today's special name of day or allday event
  • upcoming appointment from your Calendar
  • alert about missed phone calls
  • alert about received text messages
  • the latest weather status
  • the latest news from selected service
  • current device status (if it works in your device)

  •   At the moment, when someone calls you, the special alert about incoming phone call displayed.

    If the Caller's number exists in your Contacts, the name of Caller displayed, instead of number. If this Contact has a picture, it displays on the top.

    If you haven't taken the call, the alert stays on the screen, till you move to another screen. When you press Down key, you can see the name or number of Caller. If you missed more calls, the number of these calls is displayed.

      The same event happens when new text message was received.

    If you press Down key several times, you can read the number or name of Sender, and preview the last messages text. If you want to hide this information, just press Up key.

    And, the same feature happens when news from on-line service is downloaded. When you press Down key, you can preview the whole text of the latest news.

    Additionally, at the moment when some of these above alerts run, you can use Left menu button or Action key, to quickly callback to the last Caller, reply to Sender, or to open the news web page. (See the changes of menu descriptions, while you press Down/Up keys.)

    Please note:
    on the Start Screen only Today's events are used.

    Other screens

      The weather:

    This list of upcoming weather forecast.

    Temperatures and humidities displayed on lines and bars special diagram, additionally.

    There can be showing from one to ten upcoming days, depend from availability of on-line service.

    If you use advanced function: Wake up for updating,
    this forecast is ready from the morning every day.

    Auto-updating checks the status every hour for current day, and every 6 hours for forecast.

      The news:

    The list of downloaded news from on-line service.

    News are displayed in order of date and time of receiving.
    Additional separators of days added.

    You can press down/up keys to highlight one of news, when you press Action key at this moment, it will open Pocket Internet Explorer, and connect to the link of selected news.

      The received messages history:

    The list of received messages, but not read yet.

    This list displays Sender's name or number, the time, and the preview of a whole text.
    Messages are displayed in order of date and time of receiving. But all messages from the same Sender, in the same day, were connected in one thread.

    You can press down/up keys to highlight one of messages. At this moment you can use the right menu to quick do Reply, Reply with original text (first 10 characters), or Forward a whole text to someone.

      The missed phone calls:

    This list displays Caller's name or number, and the time.
    Calls are displayed in order of date and time. But all phones from the same Caller, in the same day, were connected in one thread.

    You can press down/up keys to highlight one of missed calls. At this moment you can press Action key to start callback to the selected Sender.

      The programs launcher:

    You can manually set up to 16 shortcuts here.

    You can press down/up arrow (navigation) keys
    to highlight one of these icons.
    Pressing the Action button (or Return) will launch
    and pop up the selected program.


    Settings dialogs

    A small lists of pre-defined cities for weather forecasts, and on-line news services, are build-in and ready in this program.
    You can select from these lists, or write your own localization or address.
    Displayed title names could written independently.

    For weather service, you have to write a city or post code, and tap Search. While you are connected to Internet,
    you should see a list of compatible and available in this service localizations. Just select the one you want.
    The weather.com service provides data of forecast.

    For news service, you have to write a whole path to the URL link of, so called, RSS service.
    You should browse news service web page to find specified RSS or XML file link.

    Please note.
    Depend on your connection speed, downloading weather forecast or news events may take a several seconds.
    Depend on your connection agreement, it will charge you every day, if you are using "automatic" updating in this program.


    Additional customization:

  • Background image
    Make your image in the size but at least 640x280 pixels, any number of colours, save in .jpg or .png format, name in the beginning with "background".
    The program looks for all images begun with "background" in name within its installation folder. By default it's Program Files\JGUI\vistaspinterface
  • Weather icons
    Smaller icons in weather forecast: collect all 44 images of weather statuses in one row, each image in 32x32 pixels, any number of colors
    and 255,0,255 as transparent background color. Replace the original weathericons.png with the new one you made.
    Larger animated icons in Start Screen: collect all animations in files names from weather0.png to weather48.png
    Each frame in size 100x75 pixels, any number of colours and 0,0,0 as transparent background. These animations can have any number of frames,
    under these rules: only one frame - no animation, two frames - rotate scaling animation, 3 frames - random frame and a little shacking,
    less than 21 frames - animation in reverse loop, over 20 frames - animation in sequence loop.


    *) "Crossbow" was the codename of Windows Mobile 6.0. operating system.


    Video review:

    James Kendrick, from quite well known jkOnTheRun hi-tech blog,
    recorded video where you can watch, how cool Vista Smartphone Interface runs on smartphone.



    You can download and use a freeware version, from these below links or on-line services.
    This freeware version is no time-limited,
    the only restrictions are:
    you cannot read details on others (detailed) screens than on the default Start Screen,
    and automatic updating of weather and news does not work (you can do it manually).
    This means, you can use VSI Start Screen free and forever.

    The latest version: 3.3. updated on 5 June 2008
    Version number is displayed on the welcome screen.
    History of changes: see below.

    Your mobile device MUST BE unlocked.
    Please search the Internet for solutions for your specified device, people talks widely about.

    Owners of Samsung SHG-i600 series, also called Blackjack,
    have to unlock their devices.
    Please google to find something like appunlock.cab
    Confirmed since ROM: 5.1.342 Build 15100

    Owners of Motorola Q series
    have to unlock their devices.
    One of solutions is there: www.sems.org/entry.asp?ENTRY_ID=157

    Owners of Samsung i300 series
    don't have to unlock their devices.
    In most cases such devices are unlocked by vendor.


    Windows Mobile devices:

    .exe file for installation
    from PC by MS ActiveSync

    .cab file for installation
    from mobile device directly


    You can pay directly from your Windows Mobile phone,
    if you are connected to Internet, and want to use Paypal® transaction service.
    Please use Registration dialog and check the special control box.
    Then please wait for transaction confirmation.

    MS Smartphone devices:

    Windows Pocket PC devices:

    Please note.
    Depend on your connection speed, downloading weather forecast or news events may take a several seconds.
    Depend on your connection agreement, it will charge you every day, if you are using "automatic" updating in this program,
    or "wakeup" feature. If you're afraid, please update only manually.

    Technical support: info@jgui.net

    For my other programs designed for black-style devices, look at


    History of changes:

    Version 3.3.

  • fixes for VGA screens
  • unlocking mode updated

    Version 3.0.

  • weather service fixed
  • news service fixed
  • better support for portrait screens
  • better support for new screen sizes
  • new registration processing via SMS service

    Version 2.7.

  • weather icons are fixed
  • navigating from Launcher Screen is fixed
  • weather engine is updated
  • few fixes for the newest devices are added

    Version 2.0.

  • more new clock styles
  • incl. Predator time, what you should understand to survive ;-)
  • new weather icons (like in Yahoo!Widgets)
  • program launcher runs
  • more fixes for portrait screens
  • fixes for some newest devices
  • fixes for traybar and some others images

    Version 1.7.

  • 3 new clock styles, incl. digital clock
  • changes in menu and settings dialogs
  • fixes in automatic updating, and battery saving
  • announcing the new screen: programs launcher (not ready)

    Version 1.5.

  • all email accounts in using, sorted and connected in one thread

    Version 1.3.

  • all email accounts in using, together with text (SMS) messages
  • all messages, from the same Sender, are in one thread daily
  • new icon alerts about the latest updated news (see screenshots)
  • some fixes for alerts, specially for Blackjack and MotoQ owners
  • not all problems in MotoQ fixed, awaiting GSM version of this device

    Version 1.27.

  • fixed problems of "wakeup" due to the name changed
  • fixed callback from Start Screen and from the list
  • unlimited number of Contacts in use

    Version 1.25.

  • program name was changed

    Version 1.2.

  • digital time in format of user local time
  • "cover Home Screen" fixed
  • problems with some RSS links fixed
  • hardware keys in HTC Dash device fixed


    Copyright ©1995- JGUI. All rights reserved.

    JGUI logo, name, picture are registered and copyrighted by JGUI.
    Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, MS Smartphone names and marks are registered and copyrighted by Microsoft.