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The Lap Timer
A program for Windows Mobile Smartphone devices.
to count several lap times.


This is a simple program with only one purpose:
to precisely 1/100sec. count the running time,
and take/review several lap times.

Originally, this program was designed to count times of long distances swimmers. When they swim several (or a lost of) swimming pool lengths at one run. In this case, it helps
to increase exercises and control or fix result of records.


You can use this program very easily:

  • launch The Lap Timer
  • Left Menu Button will start/pause/stop the counting
  • Action Button will take a lap time
  • each lap time is displayed on the list

  • if there is more than 12 times, you can scroll the list by Up/Down Buttons
  • to reset all times, use the menu

  • when you paused, the best, worst, and average times are displayed below the list of times
    the worst = the longer time


    Before you will reset all times or close this program, you will be asked if you want to save all times in ordinary text file for future reading/using.


    This VErsion is for Windows Mobile Smartphone with landscape screen.

    Trial Version works 7 days without limits.
    In the meantime you have to decide to buy this program.
    When you purchase, you will get email confirmation with a link to the new Setup File,
    use it and then it will overwrite all necessary files.

    Copy the downloaded file to your Smartphone and run to start the installation.


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