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My ReminderTM
A must-have program for all Window Mobile devices.
Easily, conveniently, and amusemently!


This is a simple program with only one purpose:
to remind by speaking voice message, every 3 minutes,
how many missed phone calls or received messages you are.

English female voice is only available now.

If you didn't hear your mobile device's ring or message alert,
what you use normally, you still have a chance to hear
a much louder MyReminder for next 15 minutes.

This program has no interface.
No windows, no dialogs, no user settings.
You don't need anything to do,
only to launch or exit this program.

The only visable element on the screen, it is a menubar
(see the screenshot). With just two buttons on the menu:
[left] to exit this program,
[right] to hide this program, or break reminders.

This menubar is displayed every time when you launch this program, or when it plays some reminder message.

The using rules:

  • launch this program
  • leave it "as it is" or hide completely
  • when you receive some new SMS message, after one minute, MyReminder will say "You have one new message."
  • then it will say it again 4 times every 3 minutes
  • if you don't touch your device in the meantime, then it will say "I will no more interrupt you."
  • the same action will play when you don't answer some Phone Call (ring)
  • in this situation it says "You have one missed Phone Call."
  • additionally it says a little more, like "Good morning... Good evening... Hello..." etc.


  • screenshot from some Windows Mobile device

    Note: the warning about missed phone calls, may depend from the ring sound you use. If you use some longer ring, this program may not work correctly or recognize that you haven't picked up some call.
    Please try to use some shorter ring sound.

    More program's features:

  • voice messages play in maximum volume (no matter how you set your volume)
  • certainly, it summarizes information about received message with missed calls
  • when you will have more messages or missed calls, it will say the number, until 10
  • then it will say "You have many..."
  • the voice is English female computer generated, just try how it's nice

  • you can break announces at any time,
    by using this program menu and hide it,
    from this moment no more messages will announce, but only till you will get next SMS message, or won't answer some next Phone Call

    To improve the using of this program, you can set a shorcut icon in the default Start menu. Go to Start\Settings\Menus and check this program's icon to display.
    If you want this program starts automatically even after device soft-reset, you have to copy this shorcut manually to the default Windows\Startup folder.


    Trial Version works 7 days without limits.
    Then you will have to buy, download and re-install a new Setup file.
    Before you start to re-install, be sure My Reminder is not working.
    Launch it again and use Exit Reminder menu.

    Trial and Full Versions for Pocket PC phones,
    are available for downloading and purchasing,
    from the following services:

    Trial and Full Versions for Smartphones,
    are available for downloading and purchasing,
    from the following services:
    (copy the .cab file directly to you smartphone and launch to install)


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