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Advanced SMS a special black edition
This program allows you to view, compose, and send SMS messages more conveniently.
And - what's important - you can protect yourself and send/receive highly-encrypted messages.

This is a special, the newest version of A.SMS program, designed for black style Windows Mobile phones.
Some know devices (in the end of 2006): Samsung i320, i600, UBiQUO 501, Motorola Q.
Although there is no reason, no reason at all, to use it with other Windows Mobile phones, if you like.


Basic features in message composing:
  • larger fonts for easier writing
  • remember the last used Recipient's number
  • quick select the number from the list
  • protect message with your own password
  • send "self-destruct" message
  • Basic features in messages previewing:
  • tree-style list of messages, sort by dates and Senders
  • message text preview in the same screen
  • larger fonts for easier reading
  • decrypt protected messages
  • several automatic deleting options
  • incl. self-destruct received message

    This version is designed to use in Windows Mobile Smartphones with horizontal screens and hardware full keyboard,
    and with Windows Mobile PPC phones with touch screen features, or hardware full keyboard.
    Recommended screen resolutions 320x240, or 240x320, or 240x240.

    This version is distributed for personal use.
    It is only limited, to not use encryption features.
    A self-destruct message will delete itself, right after it displays on Recipient's screen.
    Certainly, only when Recipient uses A.SMS Messaging program too.

    On special request, you can unlock to the full version.
    This version uses higher encryption algorithms to protect your messages with personal passwords.
    Recipient has to use the same password and the same algorithm to read this message.
    Why to use personal encryption? Because standard SMS messages are transparently visible for network staff,
    or some third part intercepting persons.
    Please read below more details.


        Items of previewing interface:

  • list of messages, sorted by dates, numbers, names or subjects
  • message title: time and number (or name)
  • title of massage currently displayed
  • preview of message's text
  • additional information
  • number of messages displayed/counted
  • split bar (you can move this bar)

    Left menu displays new dialog to compose message.
    Right menu displays selection of features.

    You can use one of 7 pre-defined colors, or a whole "black".



    This same interface in other screen orientations.

    Note: in Smartphone devices, if a whole message text is not placing
    in available space, you can press Action button to switch between list
    and preview parts of screen and scrolling.

  •     Items of composing interface:

  • Recipient number or name
  • Recipient photo (if exists in Contact)
  • message text
  • icons signal additional features
  • list of Contacts to select the number

    Left menu sends the message away.
    Right menu displays selection of features.






    While you write two or more characters in "Send to:"
    Recipient's number, it will display a list of Contacts.

    This function works different than in the default messaging application.

    This list will display on the top of screen, when you don't add a new character
    in the number for 1.5 second. From this moment, when the list become visible,
    you have next 2 seconds to start selecting some name/number from the list.
    If you will not do, the list disappears, and you go back to the number.

    The list shows only these Contacts compatible with characters in "Send to:",
    by first name, second name, and initials. Or by mobile, car, and home telephone numbers.


    notification 5 seconds before self-destructing

        When you use the option "Delete received messages: Always, seconds after read",
    the message you read already, will self-delete after around 15 seconds.
    You can break this action by moving to another message from the list.
    Or by moving out of the list (touch Today tap, or scroll the list
    to the top position - no message is highlighted by gray background).

    If you use another messages "delete" option, it will delete all messages
    correspond in time of receiving with your selected options, at once.

    The mode "self-destruct message" works similarly, except: you cannot break
    the deleting action. Even if you move to another message,
    the self-destructed message will delete in the background.


    screens while settings


    A whole list of functions and features:

  • tree-list of received messages, sorted by dates and Sender's name or numbers
  • preview of a whole message text in the same window
  • eight colors of interface
  • twenty sizes of fonts in text previewing or composing
  • screen is splitting in any position
  • automatic deleting received messages: immediately, after hour, 6 hours, next day, next week
  • automatic deleting received reports: immediately, after hour, 6 hours, next day, next week
  • hide (disable) default system's report notifications
  • display A.SMS Messaging program on the top of screen when new message arrived
  • encrypt/decrypt messages with own password
  • self-encrypt back the just decrypted/read message
  • remember the last used Recipient's number and name: for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, hour, till the end of day, week, forever
  • sending with delivery report request
  • sending with Class0, will display on Recipient's screen directly
  • sending with encrypted text
  • sending as self-destruct message, will delete several seconds after Recipient read
  • quick insert pre-defined My Text
  • turn the power off after sending (for PPC phones only)
  • split screen horizontally (for PPC phones only)
  • smaller height of menubar saves the space of screen (for Smartphones only)


    Before you will decide to buy this program,
    please test a free trial version (runs 7 days without limits).

    Version for Windows Mobile Smartphone:

    download to phone     (lowest price)

    Version for Windows Mobile PPC phones:
    download to phone     (lowest price)

    Please note: to use encryption features, you have to write a special Registration Code.
    Without this code, you can encrypt/decrypt messages, but the password is always 1234. Certainly it's not secure.
    This code will be generated on your request, base of your SIM Card so called IMSI number.
    After you purchased this code (below link), please email your IMSI number, you see it on A.SMS Registration dialog,
    then you will get reply email with your special code (within 48 hours).

    Using encrypted messages, specially in public cellular phone networks,
    can be regulated or restricted in some countries or government rules.
    Please understand, you answer before the law personally.
    The author of this program, does not take any part of responsibility.

    If you're interested in the previous A.SMS version,
    designed for PPC phones, with a some additional functions, like auto-reply,
    please visit: www.jgui.net/asms/


    Other programs designed for black devices, and specially for Samsung i320 Smartphone:


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