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Advanced SMS

The SMS messages sending, time scheduling, encrypting... and more.

Content of this page (click to switch):

  • Main program screen and functions
  • Composing the New Message and using its features
  • Using the Contact program features
  • Encrypting/decrypting messages
  • Menus and Settings dialogs

    Due the privacy reasons, some parts of below screenshots were erased.


    Main program screen and functions:

    In the main program screen, you can:

  • review the list of messages in Inbox
    there are your received messages

  • review the list of message in Schedule
    there are your prepared messages to future sending

    To switch between the above lists,
    please use menu: Program, or tap one of menubar's icon

    If any message has more text than in one line, when you tap the message preview line you will see whole text. Tap again to hide this text back.

  • A small icon beside the Sender's name (or number) indicates the type of message.

    A small bar above the menubar displays the counted number of messages and the version name.

    An additional icon on the above bar indicates that the Auto-reply function is running. Note: this function is available only in Corporate Version.


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    Composing the New Message and using its features:

    You can launch and compose the New Message (A.SMS Message) in the following ways:

  • directly from New menu (in previous Pocket PC operating systems)
  • selecting New Message from A.SMS program menu: Program
  • using special shortcut icon "A.SMS New"
    (you can move this icon to your Start menu if you want)

    The main purposes of New Message dialog are:
  • write the Recipient's number
  • write the text of message
  • tap the button "Send"

    But A.SMS program offers you much more:

  • you can set the time in the future when this message will send
  • you can request so called Delivery Notification report
  • you can send this message directly to Recipient's screen
  • you can encrypt the text with your own password
  • you can mark the message to self-destruct

    Icons on menubar allows you (in order from left side):

  • request Notification report
  • send Class0 (directly to Recipient's screen)
  • encrypt the text
  • self-destruct (available only with: encrypt)

    If you want any of the above function to use every time, select menu: Options and mark selected function. Next time you will start New Message, marked functions will be set automatically and ready.

  • If you want to send the message later:
  • uncheck the box "Send now"

    Now you see "Send on:" beside the above box.
    You can select the time and/or date,
    you want this message will send.

    This feature works independently from you mobile device status, no matter if you will keep the power on or not, the backlight on or not.
    You can set this timer and date forward up to 90 days.
    The only limit is: you can set only one future message in the same future time rounded to minutes number.

  • For your conveniences and speedy the editing of message: when you type at least two characters in the To: then you will show a popup list of your contacts correspond to these first characters.

    This function works in this mode:

  • type at least two characters in To: field
  • the popup list is displayed
  • you have two seconds to start navigate across the list by up/down arrow keys
  • if you selected Contact you want, press Action button to copy this number
  • if you didn't made action within 2 seconds, the focus goes back to the To: field
  • or you can manually back by touching To: field

    In the Settings dialog you can define how to recognize your Contacts, use only name, or initials too, which numbers to count...

  • For your conveniences and speedy the editing of message: you can quickly paste one of pre-defined text.

  • select menu: Message Insert MyText
  • select one of titles
  • to change pre-defined text: select Edit sentences
  • For your conveniences: you can enlarge the text font size.

  • select menu: Options Settings
  • change fonts size or use "bold" style

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    Using the Contact program features:

    You can launch and use A.SMS directly from your default Contact program.

    Select some Contact from your list

    You can both tap-and-hold to see a popup menu,
    and you can use menu: Tools

  • Select (tap) "Send A.SMS" from the menu.
  • You see a small popup dialog,
    which allows you to choice, what do you want to do:

  • Send New Message
    to the one of numbers of selected Contact
  • Send Contact's details
    to exchange selected Contact like Contact Card
  • Depend from what do you select on the previous dialog,
    now you're seeing a new, additional dialog:

  • If you want to send New Message,
    you can select one of available numbers
  • If you want to send Contact Card,
    you can select what details you want to use.

  • Because SMS messages are limited in length,
    usually you cannot send all Contact details at once.
    This is also depend from how many or how long names, numbers
    and address names you use.

    Consequently, you will get New Message dialog
    with some details filled-in and ready to use.

    Note: to exchange Contact Card, the message body have to be written in special format, predated by "Contact;" word and then listed all items separated by ";" characters. Normally you don't need care about this format, because all items have filled-in automatically. But you can review this text and edit manually, if you want to exchange some customized details.


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    Encrypting/decrypting messages:

    Using encryption requests A.SMS program in both sides, in both devices: Sender and Recipient.

    You can send away encrypted message, and it will be received also in device without A.SMS program, fine,
    but Recipient will not decrypt and read the text of message until A.SMS will do.

    When you write New Message
    and you tap "encrypt" icon or select menu option,
    you will see a special dialog to set the password.

    In this dialog you have three steps:

    1. write your password (see recommendations below),

    2. select the encryption algorithm you want to use,

    3. and - as option only - select how long you want to keep this password in use, serious people use password only one time, then write it again if necessary

    Recommendations for "good password":

  • at least 6 characters, longer is better
  • use alphanumeric characters together
  • use typing characters, punctuations too
  • don't write any dictionary words
  • don't write names, known on unknown
  • don't use birthday dates
  • do not write your password on any paper note, never

  • Encrypted message sends away as unrecognized characters string. Depend from the password you written and used algorithm, it is impossible to recognize what the text is.

    Or at least somebody needs tens of months or years to break the encryption. Please note: 70% of encryption breakings are a social investigating. It's much easier to find what poor password you used, that to break encryption algorithm.


    Recipient gets and saves this message as any other SMS message. Expect it displays on messages Inbox list as unrecognized characters string all the time.

    To decrypt a message:

  • tap-and-hold the stylus on encrypted message
  • select "Decrypt" from the popup menu
  • write correct password, select algorithm

    To encrypt this message back (hide the text):

  • use menu: View Encrypt back
  • tap-and-hold the stylus on decrypted text and "Encrypt back"
  • open the Settings dialog and mark the option: Decrypt message temporary only for 15 seconds, it will automatically encrypt back every message you read

  • You can send encrypted message as "self-destruct" message.

    Before you send away New Message, just use special icon beside "encrypt" icon or menu option.

    There is nothing changed against encrypted message.

    But now:
    when Recipient decrypts this message correctly, a special red message is displayed below the text and Recipient has only 5 seconds to read this message. After this time, the message will self-destruct absolutely and forever.

    Please note: there are no Recipient's possibilities to break the destruction. This is only one-time readable message. Please use as short text as you need, give Recipient chance to quick read before the text disappears forever.


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    Menus and Settings dialogs:





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