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Advanced SMS

The SMS messages sending, time scheduling, encrypting... and more.

Secure your personal minds! Now!

With A.SMS you can not only send and read SMS messages,
because you can encrypt your text, self-destruct after read,
and send away on pre-defined future moment.


Extra bonus!
  • you exchange your Contact Card by SMS message,
    Recipient will add your Card to his/her own Contacts list
    with just an one touching of screen.

    And more bonus!

  • received messages reminder,
    You will be alerted by sound, vibration or voice, about the number of received messages, every minute until you read.

    With this program, you can send SMS messages:

  • as ordinary plain text  
  • with delivery report requested  
  • directly to Recipient's screen (so called Class0 SMS)  
  • safely, encrypted by your own Password *)
    Do you understand: all your ordinary plain SMS messages are transparent (visible) for network operator's staff, hackers, and many more people interest in your minds and life (you even know).

    You send every New Message away immediately
    as usually you do with default Messaging program, or...

    You will send New Message in the future automatically
    at your own pre-defined time in the future, forwarding minutes, hours, days, up to 90 forecoming days


    With this program, all SMS arrived to your mobile device:

  • are saved in default Inbox folder (nothing changed)
  • encrypted messages are stored encrypted all the time
  • A.SMS displays the list of all messages and previews in one useful screen, to read all text you don't have to open new screen


    Special new features:

  • received messages reminder:
    will prompt you every minute (you define the interval), how many messages you got, and not read yet
  • easier messages managing:
    in one step you delete selected messages, older than Today's, older than this week, month, any reports, any encrypted
  • auto-reply message:
    this feature is available only in Corporate Version: see below,
    if you will not read received message in the specified time, this program will send automatically a reply message with your own pre-defined text to Sender number

  • self-destruct message:
    this feature is available only in Corporate Version: see below,
    when Recipient decrypt and read your message, then it will self-destruct after 5 seconds, absolutely!

  • enlarge the size of font:
    for easier writing New Message you can use larger font size
  • add signature:
    you define your signature and it adds itself to every New Message
  • add reply text:
    you define how many characters from original message you want to add in the end of your reply message
  • save the last used number:
    this program remembers your last used Recipient's number, you can define how long it should remember: minutes, hours, days or forever
  • save the password:
    this program can remembers your last used password, you can define how long it should remember: minutes, hours, days or forever; due security reasons: you should not use longer time for this feature

    * Encryption features and self-destructing are available only between devices with this program on both sides.



    The interface of A.SMS is a replacement of your default Messaging interface.
    You don't have to learn much more!

    Try A.SMS
    and you will no want to use
    the default Messaging any more.


    This program works with any Pocket PC® or Windows Mobile® Phone Edition devices.
    With any screen orientation or size. Square screens are running already.

    For more screenshots and some deeper descriptions: click here.
    There are many screenshots and explains (wait till the whole page will download).


    Two versions of this program are distributed:

    Version For Personal Use
    You can use it free for any personal needs.
    This version is limited in some functions: only one encryption standard RC4,
    no self-destruct messages, no auto-reply functions.
    You buy one Licence, you can use this program on every your own devices.
    Using this version for commercial activities or company business, are restricted.

    Corporate Version
    This version has more and stronger encryptions DES, 3DES, DES-2.
    A fully-operatable self-destruct messages.
    A fully-operatable Auto-reply with your pre-defined text in specified time delay.
    You can select any sound file for your message reminder.
    This version is locked for individual IMSI number of every mobile device.


    Basic requirements:

  • operating systems: PPC2002®, PPC2003®, WindowsMobile5®
  • any mobile device so called Phone Edition
  • any QVGA screen orientations, incl. square screens of HP HW6500 series

  • max. 480 characters in one message
    (depend from your network service, message longer than 160 can split for multiplied messages)
  • max. 100 characters in one encrypted message
  • max. 64 characters in Password
    (in Trial Version Password is always: 12345, you cannot use your own)
  • time to send message away can be set up to 90 days forward
  • scheduled messages will send away in the future: no matter if your device will turn on or off,
    and no matter if this program will open or not. Also, the soft-reset will not decline these messages.
  • the last used Number can be memorized, hourly, daily or permanently
  • the last used Password can be memorized too (due security reasons it's not recommended!)
  • received encrypted messages are stored in default Inbox folder, you don't have to keep this program opened
  • in Contact you have new menu: A.SMS Message, to easier compose message for selected Contact's number
  • in Today Screen menu: New (PPC devices), you have new A.SMS Message

    To exchange encrypted messages, or self-destrcuted message
    you need this program in both mobile devices.

    The Setup files are available for downloading and purchasing from:

    Version For Personal Use

    (lowest price)


    Corporate Version

    (lowest price)


    Trial Version (for 7 days) has the following limits:
    - encryption Password is always 12345
    - Inbox displays only the 10 latest messages
    - you can set only one message on schedule

    To unlock the Trial Version, you have to write in the Registration dialog
    your Registration Code you will get with purchasing confirmation email.
    Corporate Version is locked for individual IMSI number of your SIM card.
    Attention! Due to many problems with unfair people,
    who buys Corporate Version and few days later request refund,
    now we ask you for declaration that you drop out the rights to refund,
    in case of Corporate Version, before we will send you an individual Registration Code.
    We're sorry, you have 7 days for free unlimited tests, before you decide to pay.

    decline all scheduled messages,
    be sure you read the last message if you use reminder feature,
    close S.SMS main screen (don't minimze: close (exit) completely),
    make the soft-reset of your device,
    open Settings Remove Programs and select A.SMS to uninstall.

    You can also download installation file directly from your mobile device:
    www.jgui.net/asms/forperx/ASMS.SETUP.PPC3.STRONGARM.cab Version For Personal Use
    www.jgui.net/asms/corpx/ASMS.SETUP.PPC3.STRONGARM.cab Corporate Version

    ...or add these links to your Mobile Favorites:
    Setup File: Version For Personal Use
    Setup File: Corporate Version


    Thanks for the reviewing:


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