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Just before Pocket PC
will be able to recognize your:
You should try this one to protect yourself:
This program can lock or unlock an access to your Pocket PC by the special key on any memory card.

It is much more faster than to type password every time.

It is much more saver than if you left your device without protection. But it has even more functionality (read Descriptions).

It's simple!
Your card is inside - you can work.
Your card is outside (with you) - your Pocket PC is locked and completely protected.

You can read your Today's screen - it's sometime maybe useful :-) but you cannot do anything with any buttons or do anything on the screen because it's unsensitive, right now.

(this picture is simulation only, see: screens)
normally the program do not display anything on your screen except small icon on traybar
How it works?
Immediately after you turn-on a power of Pocket PC (usually by push a power hardware button) this program will lock all hardware buttons and screen's sensibility. You can see your Today's screen but you can't do nothing. In this same moment the program will begin to look for any Storage Card but with special key. This key is random generated by the program and saved on Storage Card you normally use (see Detail Descriptions). And then, after a few seconds, two ways are possible:

  • when the key is recognized
    the program unlocks all restrictions and you can work normally

  • when the key is not recognized
    the program keeps all restrictions to make work impossible,
    additionally you can setup more actions for this moment: suspend (turn-off) device, play alert sounds or even delete all content of My Documents and more... (see Detail Description).

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