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A.SMSTM Messaging is a replacement of default Windows Mobile Messaging
but it focuses on text messages (SMS) needs.

If you are using text messages frequently daily,
this program is a good solution, it makes your life simpler,
because the added changes, and additional new functions.

A.SMSTM Messaging runs on any Windows Mobile phone, both in WM Professional and WM Standard (Smartphone).


Comparison: Reviewing list of messages
Windows Mobile Messaging
in our humble opinion, it wastes too much space of small screen for some unusual elements, and it's hard to quickly read the time of message was received
A.SMS Messaging
dates are separated by title lines, what allows you to easier review list of messages, receiving time is displayed in more comfortable way for a few latest messages

Comparison: Reading of message text
Windows Mobile Messaging
to read a whole text of message,
you always have to open it in the new window
then after reading you have to close this window
A.SMS Messaging
to read a whole text of message,
you only have to select one of message on the list
by touching the screen or using up/down navigation buttons, no new windows opens, the selected message row enlarge to display a whole text, the size of preview fonts is selected by you, the size of Sender's photo (if it's available in your Contact datebase) is selected by you

Comparison: Writing a new message
Windows Mobile Messaging
A.SMS Messaging
you can easily send new message immediately, or set the time in the future, you're noticed by additional options in the line below the text of message, the size of writing fonts is selected by you
to insert or set some features, you have to tocuh screen or press buttons several times you can easily, with only one touching or pressing, insert the signature manually, or automatically, you can compose group or recipients, to send one message to several persons at one time

Comparison: the left menu button
Windows Mobile Messaging
there is no menu, the left menu button allows you to only Delete currently highlighted message
A.SMS Messaging
the left menu button displays a menu about Message function, this gives you less touches of your phone, plus: you can Reply with some text of original message included

Without comparison, the new function: Sending in the future
A.SMS Messaging
you can set the future time of message sending, both today and any date from calendar, all such messages are saved in a new folder: Planned to send, untill will send (in Smartphones the calendar control is not available, but you change the date by up/down keys)

Without comparison, the new function: Encrypting messages
A.SMS Messaging
sending an ordinary SMS is like sending post-card, many people can read it, you can encrypt the message, to read such message, the recipient has to use this program too, and you together have to agree and type the same password
encrypted message is limited in length to maximum 100 characters

Settings dialog
A.SMS Messaging
you can use background of highlighted message in the list, set the fonts size used to preview message or write the new one, set the number of charactes copied in Reply with text, set the time of displaying the decrypted message
you can set the time how long the last used recipient's number will use when you create the new message, set default features of new message you can set how long the last used password for encryption will keep in temporary memory, although this is not recommended, set the ecryption mode (algorythm)


More screenshots from another devices:
Windows Mobile Standard QVGAlike in WM Professional, a list of Contacts displays
on the top of dilaog, while you type recipient name or
number, you have 3 seconds to move to this list
and begin to select, otherwise it will hide back
and you can continue typping
Windows Mobile Standard QVGA


This program is some succesor of previously realized A.SMS PPC version, a few years ago.
If you interest in this older program, visit this web page: www.jgui.net/asms/


Note: encrypting text messages may restricted or prohibited in some countries.
You can use such function in exclusively own responsibility.

Setup files
Version 1.0. since December 05, 2008
A.SMS Messaging is distributed as shareware version.
Trial Version of this shareware works five days without limits.
Download the below setup file: PC installer, to your Desktop PC, connect phone device, and run the file to start installation.
Or, copy the below setup file .cab directly to phone device, and run an one time to start installation.


Buying license
To unlock this program, you have to buy license from the below sources:

the lowest price
then email your device ID (visible on Registration Dialog) to:
include your device model and source of purchasing,
then we will reply your unlocking code within max. 3 working days.

You have to write such code in the Registration Dialog of this program.
This code matches to device unique identification, if you change SIM Card, it will work without changes.
But if you will change the device, it will not work more.


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