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eXtra Pocket PCTM

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XPPCTM is a new user interface
for your pocket personal computer.

Enchance your pocket computer
with a new rich interface, like true Windows.

Just feel better. Just feel XPPC.



XPPC updated to version 1.7. since 22 May 2002.


XPPC main features:

complete replacement of original Today Screen, Start Menu, Taskbar
while preserving original Today Screen functionality (you can still use your today screen applications)

rich graphic icons and a new desktop screen can be fully customized
including sound event messages

every icons or text can be "draged-and-dropped" to any position of the screen
you can quick and easy arrange your desktop icons and text

organizing of almost any aspect of desktop screen and start menu is allowed
you simply select what you want to see, when and where

changing background or welcome sounds is as easy as changing a theme
and every image and every sound can be customized

sound messages indicate many events
even when you turn-on a power or want to turn-off (suspend) computer

indicating many important status: battery, network, memory, time, sound volume,
and ready for upcoming plug-ins: music player, alarm notes, agenda


More detail explanations, screen images, you will see and read on "descriptions" page.
If you want to read that pages in another languages, see below.

Available now, to try and download (free and unlimited).


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