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Versions: Pocket PC Phone Edition, MS Smartphone

This program does for you the one thing:
it will send SMS reply to the Caller of missed phone.


You should only set:

  • after how many rings it will send reply

  • number's rules to send replies:
  • to any numbers
  • only to selected numbers
  • to any numbers excl. selected
  • to any domestic numbers
  • to any foreign only numbers

  • and of course your own message text


    This program is a clever (just a little):
    it will send only one message to the Caller whose number repeats.

    This program runs in background completely.
    To turn it on/off you will simply have to launch this program again,
    and select: ACTIVATE or Quit option.

    (The PPC Phone Edition version displays a small icon on the bottom
    of the screen, to inform you when it's working).


    The newest version of this program allows you to set/use two different messages, under two different number's rules. Second Message rules are always preferencial before Main Message. For example: you can set the Second Message to use with you family members numbers only, and the Main Message leaves to any others.

    Domestic/Foreign numbers are recognized by "+" in the beginning
    of Caller's number. Note: if this is not working rule in your phone network, this feature will not run correctly.



    Try the free 7days trial version (limits: it will reply only three times)
    or buy the password to unlock, from the following on-line services:

    No special setup file, just paste the downloaded file
    to your mobile device in any folder,
    eventually you can make a shortcut.

    Pocket PC Phone Edition version:

    Note: some Pocket PC devices return an error with this program,
    please try it before you will decide to buy.
    It is depend from the hardware vendor or third parts software (pre)installed.


    Have you any reason
    to not pickup the Phone?


    Settings Dialog in PPC Phone Edition: Main Reply Message

    Second Reply Message, Statistics



    MS Smartphone version:

    [not yet, will be available soon]


    Settings Dialog in MS Smartphone

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