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3DOTS PPC is program allows you to watch special kind of images that gives illusion of three-dimensions perspective. It uses human's eyes properties to increase impressions and give strongest effects.

3DOTS (aka: 3-dimensions on the site) was created in 1999 as advanced HTML technique for modern Internet browsers. And then it was patented. Now, it was successful ported to Pocket PC devices.


Two base kinds of 3DOTS image are currently in use. 3DOTS View works like so called panoramic images. You can rotate image's view like you stay in the point of photo was made and rotate our face around. 3DOTS Figure works like virtual reality images. You can rotate image's view like the visible figure rotates around itself. You can see the figure from any side.

You can download any number of 3DOTS images. Only condition is to keep them all inside 3DOTS folder. Some files are freeware, some are commercial (special that are with adult content).


Freeware version of 3DOTS PPC allows to use only 3DOTS standard of file. That files have exten-sions .3dv .3dp .3dv .3dx (dependently for kind of image).

Commercial version of 3DOTS PPC allows to use any standard of panoramic images, even saved as ordinary .jpg file. Also, there is a special detailed instruction how to make your own 3DOTS images.


3DOTS Freeware version (with two demo images included) is available from the following servers:

Search the above servers to find more freeware and commercial 3DOTS images, ready to download.



You can rotate, move every 3DOTS image in any convenient way for you.

You can just touch any place of screen and move. Image follows your finger or stylus forward or backward.

You can use icons on the right side of program's menu bar. That icons allow you to start or stop rotation of image.

Additionally you can use hardware buttons, press and hold left or right button. By pressing Action Button you start rotation: press one - clockwise rotation, press again - counterclockwise, press again -stop.

Special icon on program's menu bar allows to switch to fullscreen mode. If you want to back to window mode, tap-and-hold finger or stylus and you will see a pop-up menu. Then select Restore Window.

Touch a screen to stop rotation on any time.

3DOTS View image type
default window interface

fullscreen interface

3DOTS Figure image type

dialog to Open File

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